• Hey Qwerty,

    I don't know if Bloons Wiki has eve talked about this in the past, but do you have any thoughts on enabling the Discussions feature on this wiki?

    The feature is entirely optional, but our data shows that users who visit Discussions tend to come back to the wiki twice as likely as someone who only looks at articles. That indicates Discussions makes a wiki more engaging and gives users something that is worth coming back for. A community is more likely to thrive if its visitors make it a regular habit, a part of their fan experience. Also, active Discussions community tend to also invite more active editors, and/or get the wiki a great PR, all of which could attract more editors.

    Would this be something that interests you? You wouldn't have to worry about moderating it if you don't want; Global Discussions moderators could help in establishing it. I think that having the Discussions feature enabled could be really beneficial for Bloons Wiki, so I'd strongly consider it.

    Apologies if you've already talked about this or made a decision before -- but if not, please let me know what you think!

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    • I would like to wait to add Discussions later. Not right now.

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    • @Technobliterator

      Hi, we use the wiki mainly as a knowledge database.

      For people interested in social communication, we have own discord server which we can easily configure ourselves and expand with various bots to satisfy needs of our community. Still, if people want to share anything directly on the wiki, outside of articles, we have features such as forum or blog.

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    • Understood. Thanks for letting me know!

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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