• Path 1:

    Faster Shooting: shoots darts faster

    Sharp Darts: darts now how 2 pierce

    Laser Cannon: laser shots now deal more damage

    Ray Of Doom: fires a super-powerful laser

    Orbital Cannon: shoots a laser from space that leaves a plasma trail

    Path 2:

    Double Shot: now shoots 2 darts

    Depleted Bloontonium: fires darts that pop all bloons

    Rocket Launcher: shoots barbed missles

    B.A.D. (Ability): Bloon Area Denial fires a storm of rockets at the farthest bloon

    Anti-Air Striker: deals triple damage to MOAB bloons

    Path 3:

    Precision Firing: all darts are shot directly at cursor

    Targeting: can set one spot the gun fires at

    Advanced Aiming: gun gains average tower targeting (first, strong, etc.), also gives camo detection

    Barrage: has MASSIVELY increased firing speed

    Multi-Baralled: shoots from 3 diferent guns (one targets strong, other first)

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