A powerful wand taken from an evil wizard. It makes anything you think of turn real as long as you're thinking about some epic loot!
~ BATTD description
Thought Cannon Wand

Thought Cannon Wand in Daily Deals

Thought Cannon Wand (sometimes abbreviated as TCW) is an Epic Weapon. It allows the character to generate loot upon destroying a MOAB-class bloon that had been attacked by the character. Unlike Treasure Chest Keys, chances of dropping loot is 100% guaranteed, provided the equipped character made at least one unit of damage to the affected MOAB-class bloon via any means of attack, excluding from Trinkets. Thought Cannon Wand also significantly increases range and effect duration both by 30%, plus +1% per star level for effect durations and +1% per two star levels for range. As with most wands, it can only be equipped to Ice King, Sam, or Flame Princess.


It's a wood wand with yellow star as a tip and a little tree branch sticking out from the side.

Special PropertiesEdit

MOABs hit by attacks drop loot when destroyed. It has 100% chance of dropping loot. (See below)

The MOAB need to be "tagged" by the equipped character's attack and not nessesarily need to be destroyed by one. Trinkets (e.g missile) can't be used to tag MOABs anymore after 1.6.2 update. Loots at the end of the last round will be collected automatically after the game is over.

Also increases effect duration (bubblegum, ice, etc) by 30% plus an additional 1% per star level.


This official link on Bloons Adventure Time TD's Facebook page shows information regarding the Thought Cannon Wand chances of obtaining various loot. Since the description states that destroyed MOAB-class bloons will drop loot, rather than chance of dropping loot, it implies that there is 100% guaranteed chance of granting loot if a MOAB-class bloon is destroyed by a Thought Cannon Wand user.

  • 50% - $100 to $200 cash + $10 per star.
  • 45% - 5 to 20 lives + 1 per 2 stars.
  • 2.75% - common wish orb.
  • 1.5% - uncommon wish orb.
  • 0.5% - rare wish orb.
  • 0.2% - super rare wish orb.
  • 0.05% - epic wish orb.


  • It is best equipped to Flame Princess or Ice King, since Sam can only damage a few bloons at time.
  • It is recommended to obtain or purchase it as soon as possible. Despite spending 300 gems when bought at the Daily Deals shop (once it's available there that is), the spent gems may be retrieved through potential earning of Treasure Chest Keys for characters after receiving the very many Wish Orbs that Thought Cannon Wand provides.
  • Since Thought Cannon Wand effect can be triggered by any attack by the Thought Cannon Wand user, trinkets such as Missile and Carl the Gem become useful at providing quick and easy Thought Cannon Wand farming.
    • Trinkets no longer trigger the wand as of 1.6.2 update.


it is a seriously good item for both orb/shard farming and gold and hp farming in late games. even if all 30 orbs are common, you still gain 300 shards worth, equal to a super rare shard conversion. Flame Princess seems to be the best at tagging enemies since sam just hits one to two MOABS at once, though Ice King can hit many MOABs at once. Flame Princess's firebolts can hit multiple MOABS at once and seek other MOABs (but can't with fire burst). Even if your not into that, the boost in range is also insane, making many characters eclipse base Supermonkey's hyper range, and even compete with an all ranged Trinket Supermonkey (even with the Dr Monkey's Secret Weapon). if your going for a CryoJet, Margaret's Music Box, winter weather combo for Ice King, this wand can help slow MOABs for a long time.

Version HistoryEdit


Nerf Trinkets no longer can tag TWC's loot-dropping effect


Nerf There is now a cap of 30 Wish Orbs that can be generated per game, including those produced by Thought Cannon Wand. When this limit is reached, the Thought Cannon Wand will produce only in-game cash or healing lives for the rest of the game (until player left the current game, where playing a new game will reset the production cap).


Buff Thought Cannon Wand loot lifespan increased (TBA --> TBA)


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