Shoots 8 thorns per shot instead of 5.
~ BTD6 Description

Thorn Swarm is the first upgrade on the second path for the Druid in BTD6. It allows the Druid to throw eight thorns instead of only five. It costs $250 on Medium.


  • Thorn Swarm is useful for hitting singular targets, but it is not very reliable against grouped bloons compared to Hard Thorns, which can pop up to two bloons per thorn.
    • However, Thorn Swarm does pair well in combination with Hard Thorns, though the bonus range and attack speed from respective upgrades Druidic Reach and Heart of Vengeance will be missed out.
  • Thorn Swarm synergizes well with damage-increasing support such as Berserker Brew, since each individual thorn receives buffed stats. This results in a flat +60% increase in popping power.


  • Buying Thorn Swarm will cause Poplust's cape to reduce in wideness in addition to adding the spiked bracelets.


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