Thermal Bloons description

Thermal Bloons warning, which includes the Black, White and Zebra Bloons.

Black Bloons and White Bloons are small but contain two Pink Bloons when popped. Black Bloons are immune to explosives and White Bloons are immune to freezing effects. Zebra Bloons are extra powerful, being immune to both explosions and freezing effects!
~ BTD5 description of Black, White and Zebra Bloons warning.
Thermal Bloons have special properties to resist either hot and/or cold effects.
~ Thermal Bloons research description, as seen in the Bloon Research Lab

Thermal Bloons is an umbrella term for Black Bloons, White Bloons, Zebra Bloon and Purple Bloons . These bloons belong to the Ordinary Bloon group. Their special powers is that they have properties that make them immune to explosions and/or freezing. In Bloons Monkey City, Thermal Bloons is also the name for the upgrade that researches Black Bloons, White Bloons and Zebra Bloons.


Thermal Bloons' main strength is that they can withstand either to explosives or to freezing or both. All Thermal Bloons have these properties in common:

  • Thermal Bloons move at moderate speed, though the White Bloon moves slightly faster. The Black and Zebra Bloon move at a relative speed of 1.8 compared to the Red Bloon, while the White Bloon moves at a relative speed of 2 compared to the Red Bloon.
  • They all split into more bloons when popped. Black and White Bloons split into two Pink Bloons, while Zebra Bloons split into one Black Bloon and one White Bloon. This makes them deadly as regrow bloons.
  • Leaked Thermal Bloons can cause a loss of a moderate amount of lives. A leaked Zebra would cost 23 lives; leaked Black and White Bloons cost 11 lives each.
  • They are all vulnerable to sharp objects, like most bloons.

In BTD6, Purple Bloons have been introduced. These bloons are immune to plasma, magic and fire.

Despite their intense heat/coldness powers, certain upgrades may still burn out or freeze their thermal layers. Flash Bomb, Bloon Impact, The Big One, Viral Frost and Absolute Zero are some of the upgrades that defy the thermal properties of Thermal Bloons.


  • Make sure you have towers that can pop Black and White Bloons, and perhaps having a few omnipopping towers so that all of the parents and children of Thermal Bloons can be popped.