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Not to be confused with "There Can be Only One", a BTD6 magic knowledge.

Defeat Bloons Circles on Hard using at most one of each different tower type.
~ Official Description

There Can Be Only One is a Special Mission in BTD5. It is unlocked at Rank 20 and rewards Monkey Dollar250 and AwesomeIcon20 when completed. As its description says, the player must beat the Bloon Circles Track on Hard using at most one of each different tower type.


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  • The maximum number of towers (not counting agents) you can have on screen at the same time is 16.
  • Agents still can only be used once.
  • The achievement for completing this special mission is called Highlander.
    • This is because the phrase "There can only be One" is from the film Highlander.
  • Portable Lakes and Pontoons can not be placed in this special mission, so buccaneers and subs can never be used.
  • You can play this Special Mission on Freeplay Mode.
  • Though this mission is harder than just beating the track on hard, there is a lesser Monkey Money reward. However, it can still enable you to get a double reward after beating it and simply the track on hard, and is only used to add more Awesome Points.
  • This Special Mission is arguably the most difficult and least favorite Special Mission by fans due to its Hard Difficulty setting, restriction of only having up to one of each tower or agent, and boringness by some. As well as this, the little Monkey Money reward makes winning this Special Mission not worth the efforts besides the Awesome Points.