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For the Beekeeper Pro's special ability, see Swarm Ability.

Unleash the swarm! Shoots 4 bees at a time, has a much larger range and can support 30 deployed bees at a time.
~ Bloons TD 4 Mobile Description

The Swarm is the final upgrade for the Beekeeper in Bloons TD 4. It is unlocked with the tower itself. The upgrade increases the range by 25 for a total of 175, increases the bee deployment limit of this specific beekeeper from 10 to 30, and allows the Beekeeper to deploy up to 4 bees per attack.

This upgrade costs $6375 on Easy, $7500 on Medium, and $8100 on Hard.


The Beekeeper's gains 25 additional range, bringing its range up to 175. This upgrade also allows this Beekeeper to now affect up to 30 bloons at 1 time with their bees Bee (damage over time, only carries over to 1 child bloon, vanishes against frozen or lead, 1 damage every 0. The Beekeeper is also now able to target up to 4 targets per attack, although if there are less than 4 targets without bees in range, it will send out less bees to seek out bloons

Targeting Priorities[]

The Swarm uses the standard target priorities: First, Last, Weak, and Strong.

Beekeepers will not attack bloons that already have a bee attached and will instead prioritize attacking new ones. Beekeepers can target up to 4 bloons at a time without bees, if there are less than 4 bloons without bees in range or if the beekeeper is about to reach their deployment limit, then they will send out less bees. Their bee projectiles aggressively seek Aggressive Seeking whatever bloon the Beekeeper targeted. If this specific beekeeper has deployed 30 bees, then it will stop attacking.



This upgrade fills a strange position by giving a tower that specializes in dealing with single targets more attacks that still do not persist through layers. Thus, it is hardly used beyond the novelty factor.


  • This upgrade's strongest strengths is still with dealing with the outer layer of hordes of ceramics from a great distance. Because of its ability to target 4 more bloons, it is best used against swarms of ceramics spaced 0.1s apart or less.
  • The price point of The Swarm puts it at odds with a wide variety of upgrades, as it is one of the most expensive tier 4 upgrades in the game. Ring of Fire and Arctic Wind are far superior with dealing with swarms of ceramics at a close range. Spike Storm and Plasma Vision Super Monkeys tend to excel better at generalized damage than The Swarm, and both have long-distance capabilities. For MOABs, Battleships and MOAB Maulers are far more specialized at dealing with MOABs quickly than The Swarm is.