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Serenade your significant other with the language of love.
~ BATTD description

The Lover is a Legendary Weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It is available only in the Tuxedo Jake Premium Character Pack, all premium character pack, Legendary Wish Orbs or the Martian Games Shop.




The Lover can make Technological Terrors and other fast attacking units very powerful with Devil Monster Bass and Googoomamameter.

Compared with Golden Viola, whether The Lover's benefit is better is situational. If a character deals less than 10 damage per hit, then one or both of the damage-boosting instruments will provide higher overall DPS. If a character does 10 or more damage per hit, then Golden Viola will provide a larger DPS increase for a character, assuming that they do not reach the speed cap of 30 attacks a second. Of course, some characters such as Flame Princess or Supermonkey can easily reach the speed cap, and if they do, then the damage bonus from The Lover will be more effective. Some characters, notably C4 Charlie's frag bombs, Captain Cassie's grapeshot, and Ice King's ice bolts, do not benefit from universal damage boosts, so The Lover is nearly useless on those characters.

Version History[]

1.7 (?)
  • Change Rarity changed from Epic to Legendary