The End is the 50th and final level of Bloons.


The player must just pop the bloon closest to the monkey as well as a Tack Bloon next to the monkey to complete the level.


  • This level has the smallest pop percentage required in the whole game, at less than 20%. However, one shot to one of the Tack Bloons will set off the chain reaction, giving you 100% pops. This means that it is practically useless to use more than a dart to complete this level. By some players, it is known as one of the easiest levels in the game.
  • As soon as the chain reaction begins, the Dart Monkey will disappear.
  • There is a message in the background that says "Game completed! Congratulations thanks for playing Bloons!".
  • By carefully shooting only at the ceramic blocks, it it possible to lose at this level.
  • It is the final level of Bloons.