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This page contains tips and strategies for The Crucible.


  • Deadly Precision Snipers are extremely effective in the sockets, as they fire shots taking out 18 layers at high speed.
  • In general, slow but high-powered towers work well, such as a Dart Monkey, a Bomb Tower, or an Ice Tower with Arctic Wind.
  • Placing two Bloonjitsu Ninjas on the Sockets Of Power is enough to pass all 25 rounds.
  • The Monkey Engineer can build sentries at an extremely high rate, even when 1/0.
  • A 3-2 Spike Factory will beat the whole mission if placed in the second crucible.
    • Because of this, if you make the Spike Factory 4-2, you can farm XP from this mission. You will leak a load of bloons on level 1, but if you focus on making the Spike Factory that is in the second crucible 4-2, you will farm tons of XP from this mission. Repeat for more XP.
  • Two 3-0 Monkey Aces or one 4-0 Monkey Ace will both beat the mission.
  • It has perfect conditions for regen XP farming if a player puts a 4-2 Monkey Apprentice on the first Socket and a Glue Hose on the other.

Preparing to Regen Farm (doesn't work)[]

1. put a spike factory on the 2nd socket and a glue gunner on the 1st.

2. sell glue gunner and upgrade spike factory 1-0.

3. put a monkey apprentice on the 1st socket.

4. upgrade spike factory 1-1.

5. upgrade apprentice 1-0.

6. upgrade spike factory 1-2.

7. upgrade spike factory 2-2.

8. upgrade apprentice 2-0.

10.upgrade spike factory 3-2.

11. upgrade apprentice 3-0 asap.

15. sell apprentice asap.

16. follow 3 & make apprentice 3-0.

17. follow 15.

18. follow 16.

19. regen farm!

CoolUnicorn658's strategy[]

This strategy always works for me.

  1. Put a 0-1 Heli-Pilot on the 1st socket. (Follow Touch is Recommened)
  2. Upgrade it until it is 2-2. Set it to Pursuit
  3. Put a Spike Factory on the 2nd socket.
  4. Upgrade it until it is 2-2 or 3-2.
  5. Upgrade the Heli Pilot to Razor Rotor to cut through the upcoming MOABs.
  6. Purchase and upgrade a 2-2 Super Monkey by the entrance.
  7. Lastly a 2-3 Bloonchipper in the center of the track