Bloons a problem? Here's the solution.
~ BTD6 Description

The Bloon Solver is the final upgrade of Path 1 for the Glue Gunner in BTD6. It further improves the liquefying glue to dissolve glued Ceramic and MOAB-class Bloons three times as fast as the Bloon Liquefier, damaging them at a rate of 3 damage per 0.1s. It also allows the Glue Gunner to fire 4x faster, along with gaining a powerful double Glue Splatter that allows it to hit up to 6 bloons each, 7 bloons with Bigger Globs, 11 with Glue Splatter. The glue projectiles are aligned relatively close to each other with little angular deviation, similarly to the Monkey Buccaneer's Double Shot upgrade, except these glue projectiles splat on impact with any visible bloon.

It costs $20,400 on Easy, $24,000 on Medium, $25,920 on Hard, and $28,800 on Impoppable.



The introduction of The Biggest One has meant that The Bloon Solver is now largely outclassed by it. They serve extremely similar roles, excelling at clearing ceramics, especially notable at the superceramic level. The largest edge The Bloon Solver has over The Biggest One is its slightly cheaper price, approximately $3000-$4000 cheaper in hard prices.  It still remains a decent choice against superceramics but most people will find The Biggest One more effective for various reasons, including having a better Tier 4 upgrade, having optional controllability, and having enough pierce to resist large ceramic rushes. 


  • The 5-0-2 Bloon Solver crosspath is usually preferred due to its glue lasting longer while also having more slowing power versus Ceramics (especially Super Ceramics).
    • If using a strategy that tends to release a lot of superceramics, the 520 Bloon Solver may be better due to its ability to catch all the ceramics. These strategies usually involve Unstable Concoction or Admiral Brickell Mega Mines.
    • Adding a Primary Training Village to buff the pierce of The Bloon Solver can be used to help fix this issue.
  • Pairing with Berserker Brew or Stronger Stimulant is more beneficial for a 5-0-2 Bloon Solver, as the pierce buffs become far more significant for such a Bloon Solver crosspath.

Update HistoryEdit


Buff Deals more damage to Ceramics and MOAB-class (2 --> 3; essentially 3x faster than Bloon Liquefier's damage rate)

  • Buff Bloon Solver now fires 2 projectiles per attack
  • Nerf 5xx Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 12 -> 6
  • Nerf 510 Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 13 -> 7
  • Nerf 520 Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 16 -> 11



  • One of the few ways to buff the damage of the corrosive damage is to use damage debuffs from Cripple MOAB or Embrittlement.
  • Contrary to popular belief, The Bloon Solver actually corrodes bloons below Ceramic at the same rate as Bloon Liquefier.
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