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Not to be confused with The Anti-Bloon, an upgrade in Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles 2.

When only Bloon Annihilation will do
~ Official description
Exploded quincy

An Anti Bloon exploding

The Anti Bloon is a powerup in Bloons Pop!, and one of the rarest powerups of all, alongside Insta Megas. When activated, it sends out a nuclear explosion that wipes out literally every bloon (including obstacles?) currently on screen. It can only be obtained through Social Goals on certain events, Daily Puzzles, Adventure rewards, Daily Reward, chest collections on the completed Wilderness scene every 96 hours, Spin to Win Wheel, and in-app purchase packs containing this powerup.



It literally annihilates all bloons currently on screen, making it a perfect choice on very difficult screen formations. Use it wisely, as it is a very rare Powerup.



  • Alongside the Insta Megas powerup, this is the only powerup in the game that can't be used during boss fights.
  • Moving bloons that move away from the screen can still avoid the The Anti Bloon's explosion, but Powerups from Powerup Bloons can still hit them as they come out.