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~ In-game description

The Anti-Bloon is the final Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. The Anti-Bloon heavily buffs the Technological Terror's activated ability and increases its base power considerably. Annihilation will now do a lot more damage along with it having a much larger radius, increasing it to just a tad over the base range of the tower and its damage boosted from 1,000 to 3,000. It also does +3 damage, has +5 pierce and a bigger range compared to the Technological Terror. It can also pop Purple Bloons by default as well.


  • 2-5-0 is generally better than 0-5-2, as the Plasma Blasts is far more powerful than simply adding Knockback effects plus in-built camo detection from Ultravision upgrade. One may use other Super Monkeys with Knockback to create similar knockback power.
  • However, in the new 10.0 update, Epic Range and Robo-Monkey got a pierce buff, making 0-5-2 a viable option, as seen with ISAB's Quincy + Anti Bloon (0-5-2) two tower CHIMPS.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Ability radius increased (90 → 100)



  • The Anti-Bloon is the icon for BTD6's main Hard Mode, changed from a Robo-Monkey in BTD5.
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