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<Program Directive> <Eradicate Bloons> <INITIATE>
~ In-game description

The Anti-Bloon (sometimes referred to as just Anti-Bloon) is the 5th upgrade of Path 2 for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. The Anti-Bloon heavily buffs the Tech Terror's activated ability and increases its base power considerably. The Annihilation ability now does 5,000 damage across a 120 range radius onto up to 10,000 Bloons instead of 2,000. The main attacks also gains +4 damage, has +5 pierce, +10 range, for a total of 5 damage, 14 pierce and 82 range. In addition, it now gains the normal damage type, allowing its main attack to naturally pop any non-camo bloon type including Purple Bloons. With its ability or the Ultravision crosspath, The Anti-Bloon can pop Camo Bloons too. And lastly, critical hits now occur every 13-17 shots instead of every 15-20 shots, and crits deal 50 damage instead of 10, making the damage per shot for a single target range between ~7.647 and ~8.461, with 8 being the average.

It costs $76,500 on Easy, $90,000 on Medium, $97,200 on Hard and $108,000 on Impoppable.



The Anti-Bloon is an entirely robotic monkey bearing massive gold-muzzled, light grey plasma cannons on each arm, with red fins on the muzzle and a red grill on each cannon. These cannons are fed by red tubes linking to its main body and head, which is a sinister dark grey color with ominous red lines on its torso. All its limbs are the same color, with its feet bearing red metal rings around the ankles, and the arms linking directly into its plasma launchers.

The Anti-Bloon's head bears the same glowing red eyes as its predecessor, Tech Terror, though with bright lines around where the irises should be, and its mouth, previously bearing white teeth in a grim frown, is now a pair of jagged metal jaws hung open as it appears to be shouting something. The screws for the mouth hinge are clearly visible as well, and it also has a fairly substantial underbite owing to the fact much of its faceplate is sunken-in metal plating of a lighter color.


The Anti-Bloon massively improves every aspect of Tech Terror, with 5x base damage, (5 normally, 50 on a crit) +5 pierce, (14) +10 range, (82) Normal type damage, (pops any Bloon) and a buffed crit rate of every 13-17 shots.

The Annihilation ability now deals 5000 damage, has 10,000 pierce, and 120 range.

Targeting Priorities[]

The Anti-Bloon's main attack has two independently targeting attacks that each shoot projectiles. These projectiles move straightforwardly.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

The Anti-Bloon, just like Robo Monkey, has a secondary targeting option called Alternate Arm, which allows for two simultaneous targeting priorities at any given time. This is controlled by a second targeting setting above the original targeting setting. However, both arms cannot be set on the same targeting priority, and one setting must be changed into a different priority before the other setting can be changed into the desired targeting priority.

The Anti-Bloon's annihilation blast, while arbitrarily high, defaults on Close relative to the robot.

The Anti-Bloon can access the Camo Prioritization targeting priority if given the 0-5-2 crosspath, which when set allows the The Anti-Bloon to prioritize Camo Bloons before any other bloon type.



The Anti-Bloon is an expensive option for dealing huge damage versus bloons of all types, with significantly stronger plasma bolts and provides it with a much stronger annihilation ability for wiping out many bloons across a wider scale. It is a very powerful single-tower option, but its pricetag makes it unaffordable outside of large-scale farming. It is possible to purchase Anti-Bloon in a real CHIMPS game, but it is extremely expensive overall, and will likely only be purchasable by at least Round 92.

In the extreme late-game (Rounds 101+), The Anti-Bloon only serves purpose as a required separate sacrifice for the Vengeful True Sun God, alongside Legend of the Night. Because its general DPS greatly diminishes in extremely high rounds, it is worth sacrificing The Anti-Bloon for a 2x strength True Sun God.


  • 2-5-0 Anti-Bloon serves as the superior crosspath due to the Plasma Blasts upgrade more than doubling the power of The Anti-Bloon.
  • 0-5-2 Anti-Bloon is mostly restricted to specific challenges where it is impossible to grant the Anti-Bloon with external camo detection.
  • Place the Anti-Bloon in a place where there is a lot of open space, as this will optimize its main power.
  • Even though the Anti-Bloon's ability has an extremely large blast radius, place the Anti Bloon in an area where its range will cover lots of track, in order for its ability to deal damage at its greatest potential.


Not Lacking Critical Information
FIRST RELEASED: Version 29.0
Description: Get 25,000 Critical hits

Version History[]

Overall buffed in damage potential to increase its expensive value.

  • Buff Ability radius increased (90 → 100).
  • Buff Projectile pierce increased by +2 (due to the Epic Range and Robo Monkey pierce buffs).
  • Buff Projectile speed increased by 25% from the Epic Range upgrade.
  • Buff Main attack damage increased (4 → 5).
  • Buff Ability damage increased (3,000 → 3,500).
We were finally able to properly implement a popular suggestion for the Robo Monkey, and will be keeping an eye on it's [sic] performance more closely in this update. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Robo Monkey
  • Buff The Anti-Bloon can now use separate target priorities on both arms.
[...] Additionally middle path has received some basic buffs with Robo-Monkey feeling unbalanced for the high price and difficult crosspathing, and Tech Terror not keeping up with other towers that perform a similar role.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Tech Terror
  • Buff The Anti-Bloon ability cooldown decreased (60s → 45s).
While not considered an issue on the same level for Races, the Bloon Annihilation ability has preemptively had pierce reduced under the same reasoning as Ground Zero and Maelstrom, but by amounts that still likely won't be noticeable even under most Race conditions - but we're keeping an eye on it. Additionally the price of this upgrade has been reduced by a fair amount.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Tech Terror
  • Nerf The Anti-Bloon ability now has less pierce (infinite → 10,000).
Robo Monkey has never filled the super effective role it held in BTD5, so Dr Monkey has installed updated HUD targeting systems that now deal occasional critical hits. Additionally as the abilities on this path didn't match up to their history or other Monkey Tower options (like Ground Zero) so they have been improved significantly in damage and increased radius.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff The Anti-Bloon criticals occur every 17 shots within the 13th-17th shot
    • Buff The Anti-Bloon criticals deal a damage increase from 5 -> 50
  • Buff Anti Bloon Bloon Annihilation ability damage increased from 3500 -> 5000
  • Buff Anti Bloon Bloon Annihilation ability radius increased from 110 -> 120
Robo didn't need to lose pierce in the last Super Monkey T2 rework, and Dark Knight feels like it has too much pierce without ever considering the pierce crosspath. So to balance these together we've taken out pierce from Dark Knight and added it back into x2x carrying up into Robo Monkey. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Path 2 balancing
  • Buff The Anti-Bloon base pierce increased (13 --> 14)


When relogging into a game having The Anti-Bloon upgrade:

When activating Annihilation Ability:

Bug Reports[]

  • N/A
  • [28.0] x-3-0 Robo Monkey and later were granted the Camo Prioritization option even though they cannot detect camo without Ultravision. Affects The Anti-Bloon. Patched in 28.2.


Official artwork[]


  • The Anti-Bloon is the icon for BTD6's main Hard Mode, changed from a Robo-Monkey in BTD5.
  • The Anti-Bloon is the only Super Monkey Tier 5 upgrade to not cost over $100,000 cash to purchase. This doesn't apply to Impoppable mode.
  • The Anti-Bloon appears when the "Metal Muncher" statistic is gained after finishing a game.
  • The Anti-Bloon's jaw on the ability icon seems to be bigger than on the artwork/upgrade and Hard Difficulty icons.
  • The pierce nerf to The Anti-Bloon ability in Version 24.0 was done as a pre-emptive measure to the nerfing of most infinite-ranged abilities, more specifically in Race Event scenarios. However, since the ability almost never consumes such an arbitrarily high amount of pierce in any given scenario (besides playing around Sandbox Mode), the nerf means almost nothing, even on Race Events.
  • The only upgrade description to ever use the < and > symbols belongs to The Anti-Bloon, including in previous games. This also applies to its Battles 2 counterpart.

Community achievements[]

  • Quincy + The Anti-Bloon is the 15th 2TC combo according to the fan-official BTD6 Index. It was first completed on Version 10.2, but it was made harder with the Version 12.0 Knockback nerf. It remained impossible after the bug fix on Robo Monkey's left arm gaining original Knockback effects in Version 13.0. On Version 21.1, it became possible again, as seen on this post, because of the Version 20.0 buff that gave Robo Monkey separate target priorities. It since has been made easier due to the buff to Tech Terror in which it gained the ability to do Critical hits, similar to Crossbow Master.