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The Anti-Bloon (sometimes referred to as just Anti-Bloon) is the final Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. The Anti-Bloon heavily buffs the Tech Terror's activated ability and increases its base power considerably. The Annihilation ability now does 3,500 damage across a 100 range radius. The main attacks also gains +4 damage, has +5 pierce, +10 range, for a total of 5 damage, 13 pierce and 82 range. In addition, it now gains the normal damage type, allowing it to naturally pop any non-camo bloon type including Purple Bloons.

It costs $76,500 on Easy, $90,000 on Medium, $97,200 on Hard, $108,000 on Impoppable.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Anti-Bloon is an expensive option for dealing huge damage versus bloons of all types, with significantly stronger plasma bolts and provides it with a much stronger annihilation ability for wiping out many bloons across a wider scale. It is a very powerful single-tower option, but its pricetag makes it unaffordable outside of large-scale farming. It is possible to purchase Anti-Bloon in a real CHIMPS game, but it is extremely expensive overall, and will likely only be purchasable by at least Round 92.

In the epic late-game (Rounds 101+), The Anti-Bloon only serves purpose as a required separate sacrifice for the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey, alongside Legend of the Night. Because its general DPS greatly diminishes in extremely high rounds, it is worth sacrificing The Anti-Bloon for a 3x strength True Sun God.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • 2-5-0 Anti-Bloon serves as the superior crosspath due to the Plasma Vision upgrade more than doubling the power of The Anti-Bloon.
  • 0-5-2 Anti-Bloon is mostly restricted to specific challenges where it is impossible to grant the Anti-Bloon with external camo detection.
  • Place the Anti-Bloon in a place where there is a lot of open space, as this will optimize its main power.

Version History[edit | edit source]

  • Buff.png Ability radius increased (90 → 100).
  • Buff.png Projectile pierce increased by +2 (due to the Epic Range and Robo Monkey pierce buffs).
  • Buff.png Projectile speed increased by 25% from the Epic Range upgrade.
  • Buff.png Main attack damage increased (4 → 5).
  • Buff.png Ability damage increased (3,000 → 3,500).
  • Buff.png The Anti-Bloon can now use separate target priorities on both arms.
  • Buff.png The Anti-Bloon ability cooldown decreased (60s --> 45s)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Anti-Bloon is the icon for BTD6's main Hard Mode, changed from a Robo-Monkey in BTD5.
  • The Anti-Bloon is the only Super Monkey Tier 5 upgrade to not cost over $100,000 cash to purchase. This doesn't apply to Impoppable mode.
  • The Anti-Bloon appears when the "Metal Muncher" statistic is gained after finishing a game.
  • The Anti-Bloon's jaw on the ability icon seems to be bigger than on the artwork/upgrade and Hard Difficulty icons.
  • Quincy + The Anti-Bloon is the 15th 2TC combo according to the fan-official BTD6 Index. It was first completed on Version 10.2, but it was made harder with the Version 12.0 Knockback nerf. It remained impossible after the bug fix on Robo Monkey's left arm gaining original Knockback effects in Version 13.0, but it became possible again in Version 21.1. On Version 21.1, it became possible again, as seen on this post, because of the Version 20.0 buff that gave Robo Monkey separate target priorities.
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