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This page contains strategies for the Temple of the Monkey God.


  • Do be sure to prepare for what may happen before and after sacrificing.
  • All towers in the range of the Sun God before the upgrade will be sacrificed, so it is a good idea to not upgrade its range before buying the Temple.
  • Place the Temple near the centre of the map to make the best use of its large range.
  • If Bloonchippers are available, add Super Wide Funnels to allow the Temples to trigger attacks from a further distance, as the bloons spawning out of the Chippers will allow them to detect bloons and therefore utilize their powerful attacks without even needing to be within range of the main track. As a bonus, Super Wide Funnels can stall down ZOMGs, an important support tower for reaching extremely high rounds in late-game.
  • If you're playing BMC, keep in mind if one of your towers is sacrificed, you can't place it back even if the temple is sold.

Strategy list[]

How to Build an early Temple (iOS)[]

Requirements: Tier 4 Dart Training Facility, Monkey Sub unlocked, Rank 32 with enough XP, $200 Starting Cash from Monkey Lab.

  1. Go and select Pumpkin Patch on Easy.
  2. With free Dart Monkey, put near entrance.
  3. Build Banana Farm on far left. ASAP, upgrade to More Bananas.
  4. Upgrade Dart Monkey with Sharp Shots.
  5. Build another 1/0 Banana Farm on the right of the other one.
  6. Wait for next free Dart Monkey. Upgrade to 0/1.
  7. Build third 1/0 Banana Farm next to other one.
  8. Buy Monkey Sub.
  9. Buy forth 1/0 Banana Farm next to other one.
  10. Buy fifth 1/0 Banana Farm below the forth one.
  11. As soon as bloons start to leak, use Road Spikes. Upgrade Monkey Sub 1/0.
  12. Buy sixth 1/0 Banana Farm next to fifth one.
  13. Buy free Dart Monkey. Upgrade all 3 Dart Monkeys 2/1.
  14. Buy seventh 1/0 Banana Farm left to sixth one.
  15. Buy eighth 1/0 Banana Farm left to seventh one.
  16. Buy free Dart Monkey, and upgrade all to 2/2.
  17. Buy ninth Banana Farm below eighth one.
  18. Upgrade Monkey Sub to Advanced Intel.
  19. Buy tenth 1/0 Banana Farm right of ninth one.
  20. Buy final 1/0 Banana Farm right of tenth one.
  21. Upgrade 2 Dart Monkeys with Triple Darts.
  22. Wait until you buy Super Monkey Fan Club. Use on Round 40.
  23. Start upgrading Banana Farms to 2/0.
  24. Start upgrading Banana Farms to 3/0.
  25. Upgrade Monkey Sub to 2/3.
  26. Start buying 2/3 free Dart Monkeys. Don't forget to use ability on Rounds 43 and 46.
  27. Buy Super Monkey.
  28. Start upgrading Banana Farms to 4/2.
  29. Buy Monkey Village to influence Super Monkey.
  30. Upgrade Super Monkey to 3/1.

For great power, buy 4/2 Monkey Apprentice, 4/2 Mortar Tower, 4/2 Glue Gunner, and 4/2 Ice Tower near Super Monkey.

  • By rounds 48-50, you should have a T.O.T.M.G

ShinCyber's Strategy to get the strongest temple[]

Requirements:Rank:45,tier 3 dart specialty building(if you don't have the tier 3 dart specialty building you can use an agent),its suggested you have monkey tycoon but that's fine if you dont

  1. Go to the 3 Times Around map on easy
  2. Put the Free Dart Monkey or Agent down
  3. let the Dart Monkey Handle the bloons until you can purchase a Ninja
  4. upgrade the ninja to 0/1 and then get a farm upgrade it to 1/0
  5. get another 1/0 farm or get a banana plantation and either get three 1/1 ninja or 2 2/1 ninja
  6. once you have enough money upgrade 2 ninjas to 3/1 and then get an apprentice get a total of 5 3/1 ninjas
  7. get the apprentice to 1/2 and 2/2 and then upgrade the ninjas to distraction
  8. get 4 more 2/2 apprentice and then whirlwind try getting 5 4/2 ice 5 4/2 glue and 5 4/2 ninjas apprentice and cannons and 2/3 villages and 3 tech terror
  9. between these steps you can always upgrade your farms so do that
  10. after getting the full setup with the 3/2 sun god sell your farms and get the temple
  • This strategy is fool proof its just very HARD to pull off so don't say that it doesn't work it fool proof it just takes a long time