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The Temple of the Monkey God requires immense investment both financial and spiritual. The Temple Complex is a hub of devotion, mediation and study of bloon destruction techniques unrivaled by any other Monkey institution.
~ Official BMC description

BMC Temple of the Monkey God

A Temple of The Monkey God after this building is bought.

A Temple Complex is a building which is used to get the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade in Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile.


This costs City Cash110,000, consumes Lightning thing-0.png200, and requires a city level of at least 26 to begin construction. It takes one whole week to finish building and takes up a 3x3 area (nine tiles total, one of which must be the Consecrated Ground tile). Building a Temple Complex earns 2000 XP.

As for its respective upgrade, it takes 8 days (192 hours), costs 100,000 to research the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade and gives a total of 5,000 XP.