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Temple is one of the several tracks featured in Bloons TD Battles and was one of the four original tracks to be released alongside the game.


The track has a grassy terrain and a part of a temple for each side, in which towers can be placed on. The temple however, is completely flat on top and does not resemble the Temple of the Monkey God in any way unlike a past track of a similar name, Monkey Temple. The track consists of two entrances of each side, the one furthest away from the intersection being the entrance where sent bloons enter from, the closer one being the entrance for natural bloons and all bloons exit at the bottom. The track is relatively short and there aren't many good tower placements, adding to the difficulty of the map. The path is arranged in a stair-like pattern around the middle, with the start and the end stretching across to the other part of each side, with the end curling back before reaching the exit.


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