For the BTD5 counterpart, see Technological Terror.
Annihilation ability: Destroys most Bloons completely and utterly within blast radius.
~ Official BTD6 description

Tech Terror is the fourth Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It corresponds to the Technological Terror upgrade in BTD5. Along with +25% increased attack speed, +2 pierce, and shooting green plasma balls instead of darts, it gains an ability to deal 1000 damage to all bloons within the annihilation range (with a radius of 60), including Camos. Cooldown for the ability is 45 seconds.

It costs $18,700 on Easy, $22,000 on Medium, $23,760 on Hard, and $26,400 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tech Terror is decent, but it is outcompeted by alternative options such as Sun Avatars due to its comparatively lower synergy potential, specifically when interacting with Alchemist buffs and Monkey Commerce discounts. Besides extra pierce and attack speed, the main benefit of Tech Terror is its Annihilation Ability, useful for emergency situations where there are extremely clumped bloons. Otherwise, its main attacks are pretty subpar for its cost.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • 2-4-0 Tech Terror is generally better for the +2 pierce and double attack speed, though 0-4-2 is good for utilizing the knockback power of the Knockback upgrade and camo detection from Ultravision.
  • There is merit to purchasing 0-4-2 Tech Terror over 2-4-0 besides in-built camo detection, as the Knockback effects can help clump up bloons together to maximize potential for the Annihilation Ability.
  • Note that upgrading to Tech Terror prevents the Super Monkey from popping Purples without support, unless further upgraded to The Anti-Bloon. Be sure to provide backup defense against Purples, especially Camo Purples.

Version History[edit | edit source]

  • Buff.png Ability radius increased (40 → 60)
  • Buff.png Projectile pierce increased by +2 (due to the Epic Range and Robo Monkey pierce buffs)
  • Buff.png Projectile speed increased by 25% from the Epic Range upgrade
  • Buff.png Tech Terror can now use separate target priorities on both arms.
  • Buff.png Affected by price drop of Robo Monkey
  • Buff.png Tech Terror ability cooldown reduced (60s --> 45s)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Bloons Tower Defense 6, its green plasma ball turns blue when above water.
    • The Annihilation green ring remains green above water.
  • It is possible to win with 4 Tech Terrors in CHIMPS Mode. Along with placing the Super Monkeys within range of multiple Monkey Commerces to afford the Robo Monkey upgrades sooner, the hero Pat Fusty is used. This was even possible before Robo Monkey gained a substantial price cut in Version 22.0. An example can be found here.
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