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Annihilation ability: Destroys most Bloons completely and utterly within blast radius.
~ Official BTD6 description

Tech Terror is the fourth Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It corresponds to the Technological Terror upgrade from the previous generation.

Along with +3 pierce (from 6 to 9) and shooting green plasma balls instead of sharp darts, it gains an ability to deal 2,600 damage at up to 2,000 bloons within the annihilation range (with a radius of 70), including Camos and Purples. Every third use of the ability from the same Tech Terror deals +50% damage, equating to 3,900 damage. If crosspathed with 0-4-1, any bloons that survive an annihilation blast get knocked backwards; they undergo a 25x speed knockback effect for 0.2s. Cooldown for the ability is 45 seconds. Main attack retains the critical hits system gained from Robo Monkey, with every 15-20 shots gaining one critical hit inflicting 10 damage.

This upgrade costs $21,250 on Easy, $25,000 on Medium, $27,000 on Hard, and $30,000 on Impoppable.



Tech critter

Tech Terror shooting green plasma balls, critting the bloons, and annihilating bloons with activated ability

Tech Terror upgrades into a fully robotic monkey. The robot has various fuel-infused pipes and internal construction that fuels the entirety of itself. Replacing its formerly bionically enhanced arms is a pair of arms that now act as plasma cannons. Tech Terror's head, while having the appearance of a monkey's head, is entirely mechanical; its head has the two fuel-infused pipes connecting from its head to its arms, its face is colored grey, has red circular eyes, and a wide grinded frown.

Tech Terror shoots green plasma balls through both of its arms. When its Annihilation Ability is activated, it produces an immediate pulse of green, accompanied with a robotic voice expressing its energy.

Adding Path 1 crosspaths obscures the Tech Terror's eyes with goggles that correspond to each Path 1 upgrade. Adding Path 3 crosspaths simply add orange stripes, one in the center for Knockback, or two stripes, one on each side, for Ultravision.

Alongside all the unique functionality of its preceding upgrade, Tech Terror receives +3 pierce (9 pierce), Plasma type, (popping all Bloon types, except Purples) and the Annihilation ability. The Annihilation ability, when activated, generates a 70 radius blast that deals 2,600 damage to up to 2,000 bloons in range, regardless of their properties (it pops Camo and Purple). The ability has a 45 second cooldown. Every third ability usage of this Tech Terror deals +50% damage, for 3900 damage, triggering a "crit" ability usage.

Activated Abilities[]


Annihilation Ability

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Tech Terror

Tech Terror's activated ability is named the Annihilation ability. It immediately deals 2600 damage within a massive 70 range, up to 2000 bloons, and penetrating damage through all blimp layers. If given Knockback crosspath, the blast causes affected survivors to undergo 25x backwards speed for 2s. Cooldown is 45 seconds. The third ability usage of each Tech Terror deals +50% more damage for a "crit" usage, for 3900 damage.

Like most magic-based activated abilities, Tech Terror's ability cooldowns can be reduced by adding a global Energizer buff or Obyn Level 12+. It can have its ability cooldowns reset with Geraldo's Rejuv Potion.

Targeting Priorities[]

Tech Terror's main attack has two independently targeting attacks that each shoot projectiles. These projectiles move straightforwardly.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Tech Terror, just like Robo Monkey, has a secondary targeting option called Alternate Arm, which allows for two simultaneous targeting priorities at any given time. This is controlled by a second targeting setting above the original targeting setting. However, both arms cannot be set on the same targeting priority, and one setting must be changed into a different priority before the other setting can be changed into the desired targeting priority.

Tech Terror's annihilation blast, while arbitrarily high, defaults on Close relative to the robot.

Tech Terror can access the Camo Prioritization targeting priority if given the 0-4-2 crosspath, which when set allows the Tech Terror to prioritize Camo Bloons before any other bloon type.


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-4-X) $21,250 $25,000 $27,000 $30,000 -
Total (0-4-0) $32,640 $38,400 $41,470 $46,080 $22,848 $26,880 $29,029 $32,256
Crosspath (1-4-0) $34,340 $40,400 $43,630 $48,480 $24,038 $28,280 $30,541 $33,936
Crosspath (2-4-0) $36,465 $42,900 $46,330 $51,480 $25,526 $30,030 $32,431 $36,036
Crosspath (0-4-1) $35,190 $41,400 $44,710 $49,680 $24,633 $28,980 $31,297 $34,776
Crosspath (0-4-2) $36,210 $42,600 $46,005 $51,120 $25,347 $29,820 $32,204 $35,784

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Tech Terror's Annihilation Ability is a valuable option for countering extremely clumped bloons. Annihilation Ability deals enough damage to wipe out Fortified BFBs and Fortified DDTs, both of which pose significant problems on Round 98 and Round 99, respectively. In terms of support, Village discounts for saving money when buying Robo Monkey are useful, and slowdown helps let the ability be chained to blast out more bloons in a single use. Stalling the ability is also helpful; do not blast too many bloons at once, and try to leave only a few bloons left so the ability can recharge further.

Its main attack only gains more pierce in addition to popping Frozen and Leads in exchange for not popping Purples, only contributing a little bit to the Tech Terror's overall value. The bonus pierce is mainly valuable for the mid-game, although the 0-4-2 crosspath allows affected bloons to become more clumped so that its ability can subsequently be chained together. In any case, still try to make use of its reasonably decent DPS, as it still is effective against weaker blimps and Super Ceramics even in the late-game.

Compared to Sun Avatar, which costs a little less than Tech Terror overall, Tech Terror has lower synergy potential, specifically when interacting with Alchemist buffs and Monkey Commerce discounts, but is compensated by its immense solo grouped popping power.


  • In general, 0-4-2 Tech Terror is better for the knockback power of the Knockback upgrade and camo detection as well as extra camo damage from Ultravision, though 2-4-0 is sometimes good for the extra damage and pierce but do note that it might pop the BFB and MOAB layers prematurely which can sometime be bad. There is no crosspathing effect on the ability except for the knockbacking ability versus surviving bloons.
    • Knockback can help clump up bloons together, to maximize potential for the Annihilation Ability.
  • Note that upgrading to Tech Terror prevents the Super Monkey's main attack from popping Purples without support, unless further upgraded to The Anti-Bloon. Be sure to provide backup defense against Purples, especially Camo Purples.
  • The Annihilation Ability is enough to entirely destroy up to Fortified BFBs in a single use. This can be utilized to deal with Round 98, but watch for the ability cooldown.
  • Clumping up the bloons helps with chaining Tech Terror ability at a denser group of bloons, making more use out of the ability. Slowdown supports such as Bloon Sabotage, MOAB Glue, and the Knockback upgrade help fulfill this role.
  • The critical ability usages are consistent, every 3rd shot, but shouldn't really be fully relied upon. However, it could help when getting rid of densely packed weakened ZOMGs.


  • [version unknown] If the Tech Terror's ability is used on the children of regrow bloons, (etc. zapping a rainbow bloon regrowed from another rainbow bloon's children) it will grant extra cash despite regrowed children bloons normally not giving cash. [unfixed as of 31.2]
  • [28.0] x-3-0 Robo Monkey and later were granted the Camo Prioritization option even though they cannot detect camo without Ultravision. Affects Tech Terror. Patched in 28.2.
  • [31.0] 2-4-0 Tech Terror is bugged on this update to shoot more than one projectile per arm. Fixed in 31.1.


Not Lacking Critical Information
FIRST RELEASED: Version 29.0
Description: Get 25,000 Critical hits

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Tech Terror had seen competition with Sun Avatar due to Tech Terror's dependence on abilities and not having a much improved main attack. It has been buffed in many updates to increase its usefulness compared to Sun Avatar. In Version 27.0, its power has been greatly increased overall to counter competition of other high-pierce area options such as the Ground Zero ability.

Along with other Path 2 Supers, Tech Terror has seen a large amount of popularity since Version 27.0. Tech Terror was popularised for its extremely cost-efficient stats for wiping out densely packed crowds and general DPS, with its best synergies evolving to pair with Geraldo’s Rejuv Potion. Until Version 42.0, Tech Terror had evaded all previously applied nerfs to Robo Monkey, and has since then received heavy cost-efficiency nerfs.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • BUFF Tech Terror cost reduced from $25,000 to $22,000
  • BUFF Ability radius increased (40 → 60)
  • BUFF Projectile pierce increased by +2 (due to the Epic Range and Robo Monkey pierce buffs).
  • BUFF Projectile speed increased by 25% from the Epic Range upgrade.
We were finally able to properly implement a popular suggestion for the Robo Monkey, and will be keeping an eye on it's [sic] performance more closely in this update. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Robo Monkey
  • BUFF Tech Terror can now use separate target priorities on both arms.
[...] Additionally middle path has received some basic buffs with Robo-Monkey feeling unbalanced for the high price and difficult crosspathing, and Tech Terror not keeping up with other towers that perform a similar role.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Affected by price drop of Robo Monkey
  • BUFF Tech Terror ability cooldown reduced (60s → 45s)
While not considered an issue on the same level for Races, the Bloon Annihilation ability has preemptively had pierce reduced under the same reasoning as Ground Zero and Maelstrom, but by amounts that still likely won't be noticeable even under most Race conditions - but we're keeping an eye on it. Additionally the price of this upgrade has been reduced by a fair amount.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Tech Terror now costs less ($22,000 → $19,000)
  • NERF Tech Terror ability now has less pierce (infinite → 2000)
Robo Monkey has never filled the super effective role it held in BTD5, so Dr Monkey has installed updated HUD targeting systems that now deal occasional critical hits. Additionally as the abilities on this path didn't match up to their history or other Monkey Tower options (like Ground Zero) so they have been improved significantly in damage and increased radius.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Tech Terror is now able to deal critical damage on its hits
    • BUFF Criticals occur every 20 shots within the 15th-20th shot
    • BUFF Criticals deal a damage increase from 1 → 10
  • BUFF Tech Terror Bloon Annihilation ability damage increased from 1000 → 2500
  • BUFF Tech Terror Bloon Annihilation ability radius increased from 60 → 70
Robo didn't need to lose pierce in the last Super Monkey T2 rework, and Dark Knight feels like it has too much pierce without ever considering the pierce crosspath. So to balance these together we've taken out pierce from Dark Knight and added it back into x2x carrying up into Robo Monkey. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Path 2 balancing
  • BUFF Tech Terror base pierce increased (8 → 9)
Tech Terror's ability runs into niche issues before r100 with some cases causing it to break BFBs into ceramic rushes instead of destroying them entirely, we found a very small damage buff resolves this up to r100, solving this problem for the base game modes, and while we were here added for the possibility for the ability to also deal consistant critical hits.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Tech Terror ability damage increased 2500 → 2600
  • BUFF Tech Terror now grants every 3rd ability to use crits for +50% damage
  • BUFF Tech Terror attack cooldown reduced (0.048s → 0.036s), due to the base Super Monkey attack speed buff. Does not affect 2-4-0 Tech Terror (0.024s).
We’ve wanted to try out this idea for a while, and finally thought why not. It seemed fun to test with, so we hope people can find some fun use for it in challenges.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-4-1 Tech Terror's Bloon Annihilation ability now knocks back any surviving targets by a large amount: Knockback MOAB Multiplier 25, lifespan 0.2
  • Change Indirect buff, as Tech Terror’s pierce remains at 9 but Robo Monkey’s pierce decreased by 1
We weren't sure we'd see the day but the bottom crosspath is now quite used on all Supers, especially so it seems to make Robo Monkey very powerful currently so to address a few different concerns on Super Monkey we're moving costs from top to middle crosspath
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Tech Terror price reduced from $19,000 to $18,000
    • Total price decrease is $0 due to Super Range increasing by $500 and Epic Range increasing by $500
We lowered the price of Tech Terrors to keep them ‘unchanged’ with Robo’s recent balancing, however in hindsight Robo is still too powerful and Tech Terrors themselves were already good enough that they really should’ve taken the hit along with Robo. Instead as they have risen in power even more, both of these upgrades are being properly nerfed now with a compensatory price buff to Anti-Bloon instead (hopefully not groundhogging to where Anti-Bloon becomes far too powerful and more changes are needed in v43)
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Tech Terror price increased from $18,000 to $25,000
    • Overall price increase is $7500 due to Robo Monkey price nerf (+$500)
  • NERF Tech Terror no longer increases attack speed by +25% (0.036s → 0.045s)

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • BUFF 041 Tech Terror’s ability can no longer knock Bloons forward in some cases

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


When reloading a game having Tech Terror:

When activating Annihilation Ability:


Official artwork[]


  • In Bloons TD 6, its green plasma ball turns blue when above water. The Annihilation green ring remains green above water.
  • It is possible to win with 4 Tech Terrors in CHIMPS Mode. Along with placing the Super Monkeys within range of multiple Monkey Commerces to afford the Robo Monkey upgrades sooner, the hero Pat Fusty is used. This was even possible before Robo Monkey gained a substantial price cut in Version 22.0.[1]
  • Tech Terror was the only Tier 4 Super Monkey to ever cost less than $20,000 for the upgrade cost alone, as previous games including Bloons TD Battles Mobile feature a higher upgrade cost for its corresponding earlier counterpart, Technological Terror.
    • Version 42.0 increased Tech Terror's upgrade cost to $25,000 on Medium, matching its BTD5 counterpart, but nonetheless the Tech Terror did previously cost $18,000 on Medium at its lowest cost.
  • Ninja Kiwi states that the Tech Terror's robotic suit is constructed by Dr. Monkey in their February 18, 2022 blog.