Annihilation ability: Destroys most Bloons completely and utterly within blast radius.
~ Official BTD6 description

Tech Terror is the fourth Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It corresponds to the Technological Terror upgrade in BTD5. Along with +25% increased attack speed, +2 pierce, and shoots green plasma balls instead of darts, it gains an ability to deal 1000 damage to all bloons within range of the annihilation range, including Camos.

It costs $18,700 on Easy, $22,000 on Medium, $23,760 on Hard, and $26,400 on Impoppable.


  • 2-4-0 Tech Terror is generally better for the +2 pierce and double attack speed, though 0-4-2 is good for utilizing the knockback power of the Knockback upgrade and camo detection from Ultravision.
  • Note that upgrading to Tech Terror prevents the Super Monkey from popping Purples without support, unless further upgraded to The Anti-Bloon. Be sure to provide backup defense against Purples, especially Camo Purples.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Ability radius increased (40 → 60)


Buff Projectile pierce increased by +2 (due to the Epic Range and Robo Monkey pierce buffs)

Buff Projectile speed increased by 25% from the Epic Range upgrade


Buff Tech Terror can now use separate target priorities on both arms.



  • In Bloons Tower Defense 6, its green plasma ball turns blue when above water.
    • The Annihilation green ring remains green above water.
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