Tech Bot can activate abilities for you as soon as they are ready for optimum efficiency.
~ Bloons TD6 description

Official BTD6 artwork

The Tech Bot is a Power in Bloons Tower Defense 6, first released in Version 5.0. It can be purchased in the Powers shop for Btd6monkeymoney50. When placed, a new ability will appear in the side bar, which allows the player to link the Tech Bot to a tower with at least 1 ability. After being linked, the Tech Bot will activate the ability (or abilities) every time it can be used, with no input from the player.


Tech Bot is mainly useful to save the player from microing abilities, but the player has to exercise caution in choosing what ability to link to the Tech Bot. However, there are abilities that you should always consider linking:

  • Abilities that generate money (Jungle's Bounty, Monkeynomics, Supply Drop, Support Chinook (do exercise caution with this one if you're using Pursuit), etc.), as these abilities are generally risk-free & tend to get in the way of microing.
  • Abilities that only affect a certain type of Bloon (MOAB Assassin/MOAB Eliminator, Monkey Pirates/Pirate Lord, Pat Fusty's abilities, etc.). Abilities like this will never be wasted.
  • Abilities that are utilized best with a time-based routine (Bloon Sabotage/Grand Saboteur, Snowstorm/Absolute Zero, etc.). To utilise these benefits, Tech Bot linkages must be timed promptly with when the activation(s) of when said abilities need to become activated.
    • To further explain, abilities such as Bloon Sabotage have an approximately 25% uptime once ability is activated, lasting for 15 seconds per ability with a cooldown of 60 seconds (therefore 45 seconds downtime). Upon the first Tech Bot program to Bloon Sabotage A, the ability for Bloon Sabotage will activate. Wait for the Bloon Sabotage A to expire and immediately Tech Bot the Bloon Sabotage B, and so on up to Bloon Sabotage D. The pattern at which Bloon Sabotage abilities activate needn't necessarily always have a ~15 seconds gap, since Bloon Sabotage doesn't soak through all layers, but having more Tech Bots to activate the various Bloon Sabotage abilities are helpful, provided the gap between each Bloon Sabotage isn't too close together (otherwise such abilities will become wasted).

However, abilities with a chance of being wasted, such as Turbo Charge/Perma Charge, have risks with being linked.

Note that there are some abilities that never become activated by Tech Bot:


  • It used to be possible for Benjamin's Biohack to target Tech Bots. This was no longer the case.
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