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4 new tracks including the EXTREME Tar Pits and 2 Daily Challenge Vaults have just been added to Bloons TD 5! From Beginner to Extreme, two of them available in Co-op mode, there's a bunch of new content to fill up time over the Christmas break.
~ Ninja Kiwi's description

Tar Pits is an Extreme Difficulty track that debuted in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and then in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile.


Out of all the extreme tracks, this one is considered the hardest. The track consists of five short, circular paths that all surround tar pits. The paths that the bloons take change direction every other round in the web version, making this track very confusing at first. There is a big lake in the middle of the track for water towers. The player must have a Rank of 60 (50 on Mobile and BTD5 Steam) or higher to unlock and play it.


Name Awesome Points Image
Tar Pits Bronze AwesomeIcon.png150 Tar Pits Bronze.png
Tar Pits Silver AwesomeIcon.png300 Tar Pits Silver.png
Tar Pits Gold AwesomeIcon.png600 Tar Pits Gold.png

Differences between BTD5 Mobile[]

Nerf Towers can no longer be placed in the tar pits.

Buff Tar Pits is unlocked earlier (Rank 60 —> 50).

Buff (As with other Extreme Tracks) Tar Pits can now allow saved progress.


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  • Even though real life tar pits are sticky death traps for any and all animals, the tar pits on this track can have towers placed on top of them.
    • Towers cannot be placed in the tar pits in the mobile version of the game, just to increase the difficulty in that version.
  • This is arguably the hardest track in the entire series due to its high number of short paths. On mobile, it is even harder with tar pits not being able to be placed on. Other candidates for hardest track are Bloontonium Lab, Monkeys vs. Bloons, Triangle of Insanity, Down the Drain, Crypt Keeper (with Reverse Mode turned off), and Bloody Puddles.
  • This track makes a cameo in Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile.
  • One of the developers said that this map was almost impossible to NAPS on Hard difficulty.
    • Under the older definitions of NAPS, it is possible, but free towers from daily quests are needed.