Plasma Vision's usefulnessEdit

Does anyone else think that -in a way- the Plasma Vision upgrade in BTD3 and BTD4 is worthless? Let me state what's known:

The Laser Vision upgrade pops two Bloons at a time.
The Plasma Vision upgrade shoots twice as fast as the Lase Vision upgrade; melts Lead Bloons.

Say you already have a defense against Lead Bloon's: the Bomb Tower or Thermite upgrade for the Boomerang Thrower, for example. Since the Laser Vision pops two Bloons at a time, but the Plasma Vision is twice as fast, doesn't that cancel each other out? So, if you have a defense against Lead's already, isn't it pretty worthless to get the Plasma Vision? At it's price, you could get another Super Monkey instead. Just my thought. -Super Saiyan 7 Somebody

My thoughts: a few things make Plasma Vision better than 2 Laser Vision Super Monkeys, just as 2 Super Monkeys in BTD5 aren't as good as a Robo-Monkey.
  • In BTD3, Plasma Vision is the best you can get. If you have the cash, spam 'em.
  • In BTD4, it acts not only like a stepping stone to Sun God, but is also cheaper than 2 Laser Monkeys, just like BTD3.
  • Another point is saving space (and money). Similarly to using Robos instead 2 Super Monkeys.
  • Also, if you have noticed, Darts and Laser are like individual projectiles, while Plasma is like a continuous stream. This is the main difference (in BTD5) between a 2/2 Super Monkey and a 0/3 Robo-Monkey. In my opinion, a 2/2 Super Monkey is better at dealing with crowds of bloons, while a 0/3 is better against MOAB-Classes (although I still prefer 0/3 over 2/2).
Just my 2 cents :) SW8573WallContribs05:28, Saturday 1 December, 2012 (UTC)  
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