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Sprays out 16 tacks per volley instead of the usual 8.
~ BTD5 description

The Tack Sprayer is the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Tack Shooter in Bloons TD 5, costing $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard and $600 on Impoppable. Instead of 8 tacks shooting out, it shoots out 16 tacks, making it more powerful than before and pops more bloons too, allowing less bloons to sneak through defences.



Tack Sprayer is effective at spraying out more tacks, making it easier to handle spaced bloons and work decently against MOAB-class.


  • Spamming Tack Sprayers is an effective option versus MOAB-class bloons, especially when paired with Monkey Fort and any other pierce buffs.



  • Sometimes the Tack Sprayer seems to pop 2 layers of bloon. That is because 2 tacks hit the same bloon.
  • Tack Sprayer can pop MOAB-Class Bloons far more efficiently than Ring of Fire.This is because the Ring of Fire only does 1 damage while many tacks can hit the bulky frame, resulting in about 5 damage.
  • A Tack Sprayer and a Blade Shooter can pop 16 bloons per shot even though Tack Sprayer upgrade is cheaper. However, it fires slower than a Blade Shooter.
  • Tack Sprayer upgrade icon shows only 12 tacks instead of 16.
  • This upgrade is more efficient paired with third and fourth level in Tack Research Center and other extra pierce boosts in Monkey Knowledge; this is because that more projectiles gain the extra pierce while there are lesser Blade Shooter's blades that gain the boosts.