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Tack Shooters can pop multiple bloons with each shot, making them very useful in track corners and curves. Build a Tack Shooter Storage Facility to access a Tack Shooter.
~ "Tack Attack" Quest description

Tack Shooter Storage Facility is a base building in Bloons Monkey City. It costs $150 and earns 75 XP. It is the "home" of a Tack Shooter. It takes 5 minutes to build.



The Tack Shooter Storage looks like a pink building with a garage, always open. There are two tack boxes to the right. It has a sign ontop, showing two cross-spikes, representing the Tack Shooter. The overall color turns to orange after the Ring of Fire is unlocked. When all tier-4 upgrades are unlocked, the overall color is ruby red, with white spikes symbol.


In the Mobile version, for every Tack Shooter Storage Facility built, a monkey wearing a green helmet with a yellow arrow can be seen walking around the paths.


  • The resident of this building is actually the monkey that operates Mortars.