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Not to be confused with Tack Shooter.

A Tack Bloon is a Pink Bloon with a tack symbol on it. When popped, it shoots a volley of tacks in 8 directions. It was featured in the level Surprise (Bloons Pop 1) and Right n Left in Bloons 2. However, the tack symbol shimmers over time in Bloons 2. In Bloons Festive Fun, it appears as the Holly Bloon. In Bloons 2 Christmas Pack, it is a mistletoe, and shoots mistletoe instead of tacks. And in Bloons 2 Spring Fling, it is a rose. Each tack can only pop one Bloon.

This Bloon is commonly used in 'Chain-Reaction' levels made by the community, as if a tack from the Bloon hits another Bloon, it activates it's abilities and so on and so on. It is also good for getting into tricky places that darts thrown by the monkey cannot reach.

It reappears in Bloons Pop!, in which it comes in many colors while showing 8 tacks going in 8 directions on it. When popped, it will shoot tacks in 8 directions.

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

The Tack Bloon appears in Bloons Super Monkey 2 again, this time with a different artwork. It only makes its appearance at the end of Stage 2-4 in the cactus formations, which is also the stage where UFO Bloons debuted. The Tack Bloon in Bloons Super Monkey 2 is a grey bloon with tacks in it. Popping it, like the previous Tack Bloon, will cause 8 darts to fly out in 8 directions.

Bloons Pop![]

The Tack Bloon's functionality appears in this game as a mini Powerup for the Level 1 On Fire! bonus. Bloons marked with the tack icon will release tacks in 8 directions once fully popped, popping up to 5 bloons per tack. Tacks deal 1 damage each and cannot pop Lead Bloons or invisible Camo Bloons.



  • The Tack Shooter in the Bloons Tower Defense series is based off this Bloon.
  • Tacks from this bloons can pop more than one bloon with each tack.
  • In the mobile version of Bloons, each tack can pop frozen bloons when it is popped next to it.
  • In Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile, there is a sprite and code for a Tack Bloon that is unused. It looks nearly the same as the Flash variant and would have functioned the same, but likely was not implemented because of limited usability.