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Swords are a weapon category in Bloons Adventure Time TD that can be equipped to Finn, Dungeon Finn, and Warrior PB. Swords are one of two melee weapons in Bloons Adventure Time TD, the other being Instruments.

The Swords[]

There are a total of 18 swords in Bloons Adventure Time TD. Two swords cannot be equipped to all sword users. Finn Sword can only be equipped to Finn and Dungeon Finn and Excandybur can only be equipped to Warrior PB. Thundersword is a premium sword that can only be obtained by buying the Dungeon Finn IAP. The swords for each rarity are:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic


  • The best DPS sword is dependent on what your damage and level is.
  • At Finn star level 6, Finn Sword will give a +55% boost of speed, while Nothung will get a +5 damage boost. Without any trinkets, Nothung will have x3.87 DPS higher than Finn Sword. At 3 damage, Finn Sword is temporarily better than Nothung with the ability. If Finn has 10 damage, Finn Sword is better than Nothung without the ability.
  • In short, Finn Sword is better than Nothung at much higher levels of Finn, but in the earlier game, Nothung is the best sword for Finn for pure DPS.
  • Finn Sword pairs extremely well with Missile.
  • 4D Sword is good to have if the user has lots of speed and near the front of the map to have a good chance of destroying the top layer of blimps up to ZOMGs.
  • Fire Sword can pop Ghost Bloons