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Support Monkeys are the fourth and final category of towers in Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles 2. In Bloons TD 6, they are unlocked at Level 22, after all Magic Monkeys are unlocked. The common traits shared by all Support Monkeys is that they are all primarily designed to form a supporting role for the main defense. Many of these Support Monkeys contain attacks that indirectly affect the bloons, some of which don't directly affect bloons at all. Support Monkeys are identified by a light orange background, resembling the construction theme of Support Monkeys.

There are 5 Support Monkeys in the game:

Support Monkeys affect the sacrifice categories for Sun Temple and True Sun God (and by extent, Vengeful True Sun God too). Support Monkeys currently have no special class-exclusive benefits via towers, although Banana Central can improve all income for all Banana Research Facilities on screen. Support Monkeys can also be placed on the yellow emblem on the map Encrypted, although only Spike Factory and Engineer Monkey are small enough to fit there. There is currently no "Support Monkeys Only" game mode, though there is the Unsung Monkeys achievement for beating 10 games with only Support Monkeys. Support Monkeys are also affected by Dreadbloon's fourth and final class-specific immunity phase.

Introduction to Support Monkeys[]

  • Banana Farm: Banana Farms cannot directly harm bloons, instead they produce bananas that reward the player with a source of bonus income. They consume the highest amount of footprint compared to other tower types, but they become more valuable the earlier they are bought, generating a high profit margin if enough farming is performed. Banana Farms can be upgraded to further improve income generation in many different ways, either through raw production increases, the ability to gain interest over time, or by automating and simplifying the process.
  • Spike Factory: The Spike Factory is a spike production machine, regularly producing spikes towards nearby track. Their main role is to act as a protection at nearby exits, stopping bloons, including Camo Bloons, from leaking through the exit. Spike Factories regularly stockpile spikes towards the exit, gradually creating a stronger barrier against incoming bloons. Spikes do not last indefinitely, however, though the Spike Factory can be upgraded to produce stronger spike piles, generate spikes faster, or improve the quality of each spike and its production.
  • Monkey Village: Towers within the range of a Monkey Village will gain extra range, and additional benefits with extra upgrades. The Monkey Village has a very limited way to directly affect bloons, and relies primarily on supporting nearby towers with various types of supports to make up for its limited offense. It can be upgraded to apply new and improved buffs that improve general stats of towers or allow them to affect different types of bloons. Certain upgrades allow the Monkey Village to directly harm bloons in a limited way such as Grow Blocker, which prevents Regrow Bloons from healing while in range of the Village, and Primary Expertise upgrade provides the Village with a powerful seeking attack, allowing it to directly damage Bloons.
  • Engineer Monkey: The Engineer Monkey is a skillful craftsmonkey who can utilize various tools and create various contraptions to support the defense. The Engineer Monkey's earlier upgrades have a decent amount of pierce and range potential, as well as possessing a way to slow the progress of weaker types of bloons. Later upgrades allow the Engineer Monkey to become a stronger support role at DPS, gain buffing potential, or do instakills. While not able to directly spot camo bloons regardless of upgrades, the Engineer Monkey's Cleansing Foam can strip off camo from any bloon touching them.
  • Beast Handler: The Beast Handler is the master of the wild animals, commanding different creatures that correspond to water, land, and air that each of the paths are based. Unlike other towers, the Beast Handler requires co-operation with other Beast Handlers to combine their animals to increase energy of an existing beast, empowering the strength of the stronger beast. The Beast Handler doesn't have a directly supporting role, rather other Beast Handlers support each other by a complex network of beasts. The Beast Handler can't directly attack camo bloons regardless of upgrades, like the Engineer Monkey, and uses the Horned Owl to do so.



Support Monkeys provide primarily supporting roles that other defenses may lack. Many of these are passive supports that either improve existing towers or generate income, but some of these towers form supporting DPS, those being the Spike Factory and Engineer Monkey. When combined with other classes, towers from the Support Monkeys class can help address weaknesses that other tower classes tend to have.



Bloons TD Battles 2 assets[]


  • Engineer Monkey and Spike Factory are primarily attack-focused despite their category, but Engineer's Cleansing Foam and boost abilities (Overclock and Ultraboost) definitely serve a supportive role.
    • It could be said that Spike Factory's support role is to be used as a cleanup tower, especially against bloons close to the exit, as this is the primary design of the Spike Factory. Engineer's Bloon Trap and XXXL Trap also serve this purpose.
    • Likewise, Engineer Monkey could be a support role for supporting the early-game, particularly with its variety of effective early-game options for upgrades up to Tier 3.
  • The only outlier tower of the construction theme for Support Monkeys is the Beast Handler, which is magic-focused. However, Beast Handler's role in the Support Monkeys category likely derives from the Beast Handler's indirect offense via its beasts and complex merging networks.
  • Benjamin can be considered the Hero equivalent of a support monkey, as his role is exclusively to generate cash (like a Banana Farm) and boost other monkeys' attack power (like a Village) without any direct damage ability of his own, though his Trojan attack and Syphon abilities provide unique ways of countering large targets in a way that could theoretically be considered damage output.
  • Arguably, Support Towers in general have an urban or construction-based theme.
  • While the other 3 tower categories (excluding Heroes) have exclusive gamemodes, Support does not.
    • If there is a Support Monkeys Only mode, it will likely use the Impoppable Difficulty, going with the pattern of difficulties used by the game modes previously mentioned.
    • Playing with only Support Monkeys anyways contributes to the achievement Unsung Monkeys.
  • As of the debut of Magus Perfectus (Wizard Monkey Paragon), Support Monkeys became the only class to only have one Paragon at the time (Master Builder).
  • Support Monkey currently house the cheapest Tier 5 upgrade by price alone: Monkeyopolis, with one Banana Farm consumed.