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Support Monkeys are the fourth and final category of towers in BTD6. They are unlocked at Level 18, when all Magic Monkeys are unlocked. There are 4 Support Monkeys in the game: Banana Farm, Spike Factory, Monkey Village, and Engineer Monkey. The common traits shared by all Support Monkeys is that they are all primarily designed to form a supporting role for the main defense.

Support Monkeys affect the sacrifice categories for Sun Temple and True Sun God (and by extent, Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey too). Support Monkeys currently have no special class-exclusive benefits, although Banana Central can improve all income for all Banana Research Facilities on screen. Support Monkeys can also be placed on the yellow emblem on the map Encrypted. There is currently no "Support Monkeys Only" game mode.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is not a good idea to invest too much money on support towers early game as you could be easily overwhelmed by the bloons because of the limited starting cash.
  • Although they are not called support towers, Heli Pilot's Support Chinook and Mortar Monkey's Signal Flare could be used for support.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Banana farm - a support monkey

  • Engineer Monkey and Spike Factory aren't specifically "supportish", but Engineer's Cleansing Foam and boost abilities (Overclock and Ultraboost) are definitely support.
    • It could be said that Spike Factory's support role is to be used as a cleanup tower, especially against bloons close to the exit, as this is the primary design of the Spike Factory.
    • Likewise, Engineer Monkey could be a support role for supporting the early-game, particularly with its variety of effective early-game options for upgrades up to Tier 3.
    • Hero equivalents of support monkeys are Benjamin (Banana Farm) and Striker Jones (Monkey Village) for Bomb Shooters and Mortar Monkeys.
  • Arguably, Support Towers in general have an urban or construction-based theme.
  • While the other 3 tower categories (excluding Heroes) have exclusive gamemodes, Support does not.
    • Playing with only Support Monkeys anyways contributes to the achievement Unsung Monkeys.
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