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Supply crate

The supply crate as an icon

For the Sniper Monkey's ability in BTD5, see Supply Drop (BTD5).
For the Sniper Monkey's ability in BTD6, see Supply Drop (BTD6).
For the BTD6 Cash Drop, see Cash Drop.

Supply Crates are crates featured in Bloons Monkey City that provide bonus initial cash for any tile. Players can obtain these crates from friends or from prizes from Contested Territory. Up to three crates can be used in a single game. When obtained and selected, at the beginning of the first round (if one is selected), the shadow of a plane will appear and drop a supply crate containing bonus cash. If two or three crates are selected, the plane will drop crates in the first two or three rounds respectively. Their spoils are equivalent to 15% of the player's starting cash on the Flash version, or 25% or 35% depending on the city level for mobile.

How to get crates[]

BMC and BMC Mobile[]

  • Get crates from friends (one each day for each friend).
  • Contested Territory rewards (Supply Crate2-3).
  • From Bounty cards in Monkey Knowledge Packs (Supply Crate5).
  • From Boss events.
  • From Mini land grabs.



  • The plane that drops the supply crates appears to be a Spectre.
  • The crates are almost identical to the crates by the Supply Drop ability, the difference being the symbol on the crate (in this case, the Supply Drop ability crates have a banana symbol).
  • In boss battles, then the second and third crates will appear approx. 20 seconds after the previous one.