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Superstorm blasts all Bloon types for massive damage and blows them away from the exit.
~ BTD6

Superstorm is the Tier 5 upgrade of Path 1 for the Druid in Bloons TD 6. It adds an additional super-tornado to the Druid's arsenal, along with the standard tornadoes, bolts of lightning and ball lightnings. Super-tornadoes are summoned every 4.0s.

Each super-tornado can blow away and deal 12 layers of damage to up to 200 regular bloons, 40 MOABs (each using up 5 pierce), 10 BFBs (each using up 20 pierce), 20 DDTs (each using up 10 pierce), or 4 ZOMGs (each using up 50 pierce). A super-tornado can be spawned every 5.0s. Spawning a super-tornado automatically adds Ball Lightnings in the front 180 degrees of it, creating even more overall damage. Supertornadoes blow back blimps between 30 and 300 units, but ZOMGs are blown back for half the amount to prevent an infinite stall.

The Superstorm upgrade also increases the damage from Heart of Thunder lightning by +2, from 1 to 3, and Ball Lightning lightning by +3, from 2 to 5. In addition, Superstorm automatically gains camo detection, allowing it to see Camo Bloons including DDTs.

It costs $55,250 on Easy, $65,000 on Medium, $70,200 on Hard and $78,000 on Impoppable.



Superstorm is a very expensive upgrade, but it produces powerful super-tornadoes capable of blowing back MOAB-class bloons a fair distance and deal a low amount of damage to them. The super-tornadoes attack very slowly, and consume a lot more pierce versus stronger MOAB-class bloons, especially BFBs, ZOMGs, and DDTs. Despite the description of the Superstorm stating that it deals "massive damage", it in fact has only the overall DPS of around 10 Ball Lightning Druids overall. Alternate forms of damage and blimp slowdown or knockback from separate towers should be used instead, although with full Poplust buffs a Superstorm becomes a quite strong blimp staller.


  • The 5-0-2 crosspath is better than the 5-2-0, as it will gain a +10% attack speed bonus by default, and gains extra range. Its thorns are no longer its main source of damage, so shooting more of them becomes quite useless. Heart of Oak is even more useless with Superstorm because it deals enough damage to normal bloons to not become overwhelmed by Regrow properties, unless on custom challenges with extreme regrow rates.
  • Pair with lots of Poplust Druids for a much more reliable blowback versus blimps. Even though Superstorm itself can be reliable at blowback versus blimps, more blowbacks onto the same blimp inflict greater knockback, and in addition can also subsequently result in many more ball lightnings spawning out for huge damage.
  • Superstorm can blowback blimps quite reliably, but it deals very little damage to them on its own. Add other defenses to pop the blimps before it gets overwhelmed with additional incoming blimps.
  • Glue and ice can be removed from any bloon including blimps by using a super-tornado.
  • Superstorm is able to freeze bloons with the ball lightning if the Monkey Knowledge Cold Front is unlocked.

Version History[]

Buffed to make it more useful for its expensive price. Arguably, the Version 23.0 buff had the greatest effect on making its main super-tornado attack much stronger, and therefore dramatically increased its blowback reliability against stronger targets. The Version 22.0 addition of bonus Ball Lightnings while the super-tornado projectile is still active has also increased the Superstorm's damage potential a fair bit. Version 28.0 also slightly reduced its price to make it more accessible in normal games.

  • Buff Superstorm's Super Storm damage increased (5 → 12).
  • Buff Superstorm's Ball Lightning damage increased (2 → 5).
  • Buff Superstorm's Lightning damage increased (1 → 3).
Superstorm has been adjusted with a new feature to grant it a method of dealing continuous damage to the targets that it blows backwards. We know many of you will feel this needs much more work but please be patient as we will come back to it.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Superstorm's Storm now spawns Ball Lightnings in a 180 degree arc in front of it every second until the storm expires.
The most recent buff to Superstorm was great fun, but when spending pierce so quickly we wouldn't see many extra Ball Lightnings. Since many find Superstorm lacking in pierce overall, the 'extra' pierce consumptions for hitting larger targets have been reduced to make it more effective and more lightningey.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Superstorm's super-tornados' pierce consumption is now decreased for all MOAB-class bloons:
    • MOAB: 20 → 5.
    • BFB: 50 → 20.
    • ZOMG: 200 → 50.
    • DDT: 50 → 10.
  • Buff Superstorm price reduced from $90,000 -> $80,000
As a 'druid buffing' hero, Obyn has in actuality been a bottom path druid buffing hero, so we've tweaked a couple extra levels to give more path specific bonuses to other druid paths that weren't benefiting as much from his wizened presence, regardless of whether your Obyn says "Fries" or "Clive". [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Obyn
  • Buff Superstorms gain +20% projectile size and +1 MOAB-class damage if Obyn Level 9+ is on screen.
[...] Top path has had a number of buffs to help with both price and consistency in control over regular bloons through higher tiers. Superstorm has had a rather big price buff, however to prevent it locking up games in a boring stall state the blowback distance against ZOMGs has been halved (There may be disagreement here, but we see this Superstorm change as a double positive).
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Affected by various Ball Lightning buffs to ball lightnings and normal tornadoes
  • Buff Superstorm price reduced $80,000 -> $65,000
  • Nerf Superstorm blows back ZOMGs for half the distance


When striking lightning:

When summoning a ball lightning:


Superstorm blowbacks[]

Official artwork[]

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  • Ninja Kiwi says that the automatic camo detection for the Superstorm is intentional and is not a bug.
  • This upgrade holds the title for the tower with the most number of unique attacks (except true sun god with sacrifices).
    • Taking crosspathing into account, Archmage with Wall of Fire has as many unique attacks as Superstorm, with each having 5 different attacks.
  • This is the only Tier 5 upgrade for the Druid that retains its original white fur.
  • Prior to the Version 10.0 damage buff, a Superstorm could have the potential to create a Regrow Farm, similar to its predecessor in BTD5. With Regrow Farming, Regrowth bloons are sent back and split into multiple bloons and then regenerate back to their original form before they reach the tower again, multiplying again and again. It's no longer possible in a real game as of said update due to its tornado dealing more damage than the bloons can regenerate.
  • This is the only Tier 5 upgrade for the Druid that does not show the face of the Druid in the upgrade thumbnail.
  • Superstorm Druid may be based on Zeus, the greek god of thunder.