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Supermonkey Villa is the third track under the adventure Wake Up Call.


This is Supermonkey's Villa. The main map consists of just the Supermonkey Villa front yard, containing various obstacles such as umbrellas and restbenches, blocking the view of many characters. There's also a swimming pool for water-based characters to be placed in (except on the pool float, which is unplaceable), with a diving board for any land tower that can fit on it. The perimeter of the pool lets land towers to be placed on it. Bloons enter from the bottom and exit towards the stairs (Line of Sight blocker) that lead to main building, with its fences acting as a Line of Sight blocker.

One feature in this map that no other map contains is the ability to send a Super Monkey Storm for $1,500 in-game cash, and it can be accessed by selecting the dart signal light at the deck when it is pulsating light waves. There is a cooldown initially or after each use, though.


  • [blowing wind with crowd cheering] (Super Monkey Storm)


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  • Supermonkey Villa is inspired by the original Super Monkey Villa from Bloons Monkey City Mobile.
    • Note that the Super Monkey Villa in BMC Flash looks different from the mobile version, as the flash version's villa does not resemble this map very much.
  • Supermonkey's Call in Friends upgrade was formerly an ability that sent a Super Monkey Storm when activated. It was changed to an ability that affects all Super Fan allies.
  • The dart signal light is a homage to the Batman symbol on the signal light.
  • Pizza boxes with slices of pizza make a cameo appearance in this map.