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Wide funnel can suck in MOABs and BFBs, which will shred for up to 3 seconds.
~ Bloons TD Battles Mobile description
Wide funnel can suck in MOAB class bloons, which will shred for up to 3 seconds.
~ Bloons TD 5 Mobile description

Super Wide Funnel is the last upgrade of the first path for the Bloonchipper. It allows the Bloonchipper to suck up and shred all MOAB-class bloons for up to 3 seconds, doing up to 500 damage, before spitting them out. This upgrade is very powerful as it is the only upgrade of the Bloonchipper that allows it to suck up any M.O.A.B. class bloon, including Z.O.M.G.s (except in BTD Battles Mobile).

It costs $3825 on Easy, $4500 on Medium, $4860 on Hard, $5400 on Impoppable.



Super Wide Funnel's key strength is not just sucking in MOAB-class bloons to deal high damage to them but also from stalling them too, including ZOMGs, which are often a big challenge for typical BTD5 defenses. To make most out of its stalling capabilities versus MOAB-class bloons, it should be set on Strong to target the strongest blimps rather than the weaker bloons to which it may struggle with and waste its stalling potential.

In fact, thanks to the stalling power of Super Wide Funnels versus ZOMGs, using the Super Wide Funnel correctly can make maxed Temple of the Monkey God spam alongside Super Wide Funnel spam among the best extremely late-game options for Bloons TD 5 Mobile and its desktop and console counterparts. In BMC Mobile, Super Wide Funnels serve important roles on Contested Territory for stalling ZOMGs, helping out other towers in the much higher rounds deal with masses of rushing ZOMGs. In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, this stalling power is limited up to BFBs, however, making it not viable in the extreme late-game.

In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, its power has been drastically reduced. Losing its ZOMG suction, a higher pricetag, and sending blimps slightly forward with each suction-and-shred attack are all factors that make Super Wide Funnel in this version much weaker. It still has uses at sucking up the ZOMG offspring underneath once the ZOMG layer pops, but overall is not as versatile as the other versions of Super Wide Funnel. Several groups of Super Wide Funnels can be useful for chipping at the BFBs inside once other defenses such as MOAB Assassins handle the ZOMG layer.


  • Make sure to have good bloon counters, so the Super Wide Funnel will always suck in MOAB-class bloons instead of wasting its pierce on normal bloons. Good examples of this include Ice Shards, which have infinite pierce on its freezes and each shard can shred up masses of bloons underneath.
  • In BTD Battles Mobile this upgrade is much worse. In spite of its slight price increase to $5500, MOAB class bloons are released a short distance further along the track instead of where they were sucked in at, and it doesn't suck in Z.O.M.Gs.
  • This is a very cheap way to pop a Z.O.M.G. and D.D.T. One alone can take a Z.O.M.G. down to B.F.B.s, it will then attack the B.F.B.s causing some to turn to M.O.A.B.s. Multiple Super Wide Funnels placed at the beginning of the track are extremely useful for round 85 and freeplay. Also, if placed within the range of a Monkey Village upgraded with the Radar Scanner, they can detect and pop D.D.T.s.


  • The Bloonchipper with Super Wide Funnel sometimes will not suck up M.O.A.B. class bloons for no apparent reason.

Version History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]

Nerfed very heavily due to how strong it was at sucking MOAB-class bloons, especially ZOMGs.

Nerf Super Wide Funnel price increased ($4500 → $8000).

  • Nerf Super Wide Funnel releases MOAB class bloons a short distance farther along the track instead of where they were sucked in.
  • Nerf Super Wide Funnel no longer sucks in ZOMGs
  • Buff Super Wide Funnel price decreased ($8000 → $7000).
Buff Super Wide Funnel price decreased ($7000 → $5500).


  • Both of the final upgrades for the Bloonchipper have some form of "Super" in their names (Supa-Vac and Super Wide Funnel).
  • Super Wide Funnel is perhaps the ONLY upgrade that Z.O.M.G.s don't take decreased damage from, or are immune to besides First Strike Capability. However, First Strike Capability is an ability, making Super Wide Funnel the only non-ability upgrade.
  • This upgrade can crack M.O.A.B.s and D.D.T.s in one shred, B.F.B.s in two shreds, and Z.O.M.G.s in 7 shreds.
  • If the damage dealt to any MOAB class bloon that makes it release its children is dealt by bloonchippers with this upgrade, only three children will come out. (from a Z.O.M.G., a B.F.B. can be fully eaten alive this way)
    • This is also true for non-MOAB bloons.
  • Boss Bloons are immune to Super Wide Funnel, probably not to make the boss easy to defeat.
  • Ceramic Bloons can get stuck in the Super Wide Funnel, but that is what every other Bloonchipper would do too, so it is not a glitch.
  • Pat Fusty's Big Squeeze ability acts similar to Super Wide Funnel.