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Even longer range tacks that can pop more Bloons.
~ In-game Description

Super Range Tacks is the 2nd upgrade of Path 2 for the Tack Shooter in BTD6. This upgrade makes the Tack Shooter shoot even further than its previous upgrade. In addition, this upgrade also grants +1 pierce to the Tack Shooter, or +20 pierce to Ring of Fire or Inferno Ring for 80 pierce instead of the default 60.

It costs $190 on Easy, $225 on Medium, $245 on Hard, $270 on Impoppable.


The Tack shooter becames taller and has a metal band around its "head", it also gains a metal foundation.

Full Popology[]


The following is a list of statistics of a Tack Shooter with Faster Shooting. It includes its base statistics and all associated crosspathing interactions. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base stats
  • Tacks:
    • Projectile, sharp type, detects partial hitbox, 8 per shot, 31 range, 1.4s attack cooldown, 1 damage, 2 pierce.
Crosspathing interactions
  • x-2-x: Almost every upgrade gains another +4 range and +1 pierce comparing to the previous x-1-x, with a few exceptions:
    • ≥4-2-0:
      • Increases pierce to 80 (+10) instead of 70 from the previous 4-1-0.
    • 0-2-5:
      • Increases pierce to 10 (+6) instead of 4.

Damage Types[]

See also: Damage Types/Bloons TD 6/Primary

The following are a list of wiki-written damage types associated by a Tack Shooter with Faster Shooting. These damage type statistics include how it attacks and how these attacks would affect bloons. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base attack(s)
  • Tacks:
    • Sharp Type (pops Black, White, Purple) Sharp
    • Orbital Spray (spray of 8) Orbital Spray x8
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack



Super Range Tacks provides the Tack Shooter with a considerable range boost compared to having no range upgrades. In addition, purchasing this upgrade provides extra pierce too, making this upgrade handy in situations where the extra pierce matters. The range and pierce boosts have a greater impact for Hot Shots, Rings of Fire, and Inferno Rings, although the same hybridized boosts are effective for lower-tier Tack Shooters to become more effective at grouped popping power.


  • The extra pierce part of Super Range Tacks is useful in the early-game to counter grouped bloons in a tightly packed region.
  • Generally speaking, this upgrade should be reserved as an extra upgrade in conjunction with higher-tier upgrades.
  • Several maps may require this upgrade for the Tack Shooter to reach bloons. The most significant example of this is when placed on the barrel on Spillway pixel-perfectly at the lowest point of the barrel's spacial hitbox, which otherwise a plain a 0-2-0 Tack will fail to trigger an attack on bloons.

Version History[]

Mostly buffed for the sake of crosspath interactions.

  • Buff Affected by base Tack Shooter attack speed buff.
  • Buff Super Range Tacks grants +1 pierce to the Tack Shooter. Does not affect Blade Shooter.
  • Buff Super Range Tacks now grants +20 pierce to Ring of Fire and Inferno Ring instead of +1 pierce.


Official artwork[]


  • In BTD6, the artwork for this upgrade was not correct, as it showed a 0-0-0 Tack Shooter at a different angle. This was corrected as of Version 13.0.
    • In fact, this was the only instance where a significant artwork change had ever occurred. The next occasion for an artwork change was Version 18.0, by flipping the direction of MOAB Domination's artwork, but it is otherwise not very significant.
  • Version 18.0 changed the description of the Tack Shooter in BTD6 to include its new extra pierce feature.
  • Super Range Tacks is somewhat similar to Epic Range for Super Monkey, as both upgrades increase pierce and range.