Tacks go much further than normal.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
Even longer range tacks that can pop more Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

BTD6 official artwork (13.0 and later)

Super Range Tacks is an upgrade for the Tack Shooter exclusive to Bloons TD 5. It makes the Tack Shooter shoot even further than its previous upgrade. It is the second upgrade on the second path of the Tack Shooter and costs $190 on Easy, $230 on Medium, $245 on Hard and $270 on Impoppable. On its upgrade icon there is a tack flying above Earth.

In BTD6, this upgrade makes a return, but it also grants +1 pierce to the Tack Shooter, or it adds +20 pierce to Ring of Fire or Inferno Ring for 80 pierce instead of the default 60. It costs $190 Easy, $225 on Medium, $245 on Hard, $270 on Impoppable.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Super Range Tacks grants +1 pierce to the Tack Shooter. Does not affect Blade Shooter.


Buff Super Range Tacks now grants +20 pierce to Ring of Fire and Inferno Ring instead of +1 pierce



  • In BTD5, the range is upgraded to 190 pixels from 165.
  • In BTD6, the artwork for this upgrade was not correct, as it showed a 0-0-0 Tack Shooter at a different angle. This was corrected as of Version 13.0.
    • In fact, this was the only instance where a significant artwork change had ever occurred.
  • Version 18.0 changed the description of the Tack Shooter in BTD6 to include its new extra pierce feature.
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