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Super Porp, it hits the spot, watch out bloons, you're gonna pop!
~ BATTD description

Super Porp (click here for Adventure Time info) is a Common Trinket added in Version 1.5. It grants the character +1 extra range, +1% attack speed, and +1 pierce. It can be equipped to any character except Ice King.


Super Porp is a brand of grape-flavored soda in Adventure Time.

The can of Super Porp is shaped like a normal beverage can. It is gray and purple with a picture of a bunch of grapes on it, indicating its flavor, as well as a small lighter-colored spot.[1]


Since the introduction of Super Porp in Bloons Adventure Time TD, it has provided another common source of extra pierce. However, like almost all Common Trinkets, most rarer trinkets have much more purpose in the long-term. If there are no better options, Super Porp with its respectable pierce and range increases aren't so bad to pick. Note that Ice King still cannot pick this trinket, and requires very specific trinkets in order to benefit from extra range.