Super Monkey Villa is a luxurious residence required to unlock the all-awesome Super Monkey, a super-charged monkey that shoots darts like a machine gun, and has many exceptionally powerful upgrades.

Each Villa increases your maximum Super Monkey population by 1.

~ Official BMC description

The Super Monkey Villa is a Unit Building in Bloons Monkey City. Each Super Monkey Villa supplies one Super Monkey each. It costs City cash5000 to build, takes 4 hours to build, and gives 500 XP upon completion. Each one consumes Lightning thing-020, takes up a 2x2 tile space, and building any requires an Anti MOAB Research Lab to unlock.


In BMC Mobile, for every Super Monkey Villa built, a Dart Monkey can be seen walking around the streets.


  • Hovering over this building in the Flash version will show a zooming Super Monkey coming out of the main entrance.
  • In Mobile, although it increases the Super Monkey population, its resident is a Dart Monkey. This is a referance to how superheros usually disguise themselves as normal citizens. 
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