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Super Monkey Storm
The Super Monkey Storm in action
(Bloons TD 6)

Upgraded from

Sonar Beacon (BTD4)
None (BTD5)
None (BTD6)


1000 (BTD4 medium)
Monkey Dollar50 (BTD5)
Monkey Dollar100 (BTD6)

Official Description

It's a bird, it's a plane. It's a squadron of flying super powered laser-beamin' monkeys who destroy every single bloon on screen and do big damage to MOAB class bloons.

First Appearance

Bloons TD 3


Bloons TD 3
Bloons TD 4
Bloons TD 4 Expansion
Bloons TD 5

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a squadron of flying super-powered laser beamin' monkeys who destroy every single bloon on the screen and do big damage to MOAB-class bloons.
~ Official BTD5 & BTD6 Description

Super Monkey Storm is a lot of Super Monkeys flying over the screen. It makes a debut in Bloons TD 3. When activated, the Super Monkey Storm flies in the screen, collectively popping pop all Bloons except MOAB-Class bloons, although MOAB-Class Bloons can be damaged from a Super Monkey Storm since Bloons TD 5. Until Bloons TD 5, Super Monkey Storms are accessible by upgrades of the Monkey Beacon and are activatable with in-game cash; since Bloons TD 5, Super Monkey Storms are unlocked with Monkey Money instead and are single-use items.

In BTD3 and Bloons TD Mobile, the Super Monkey Storm is accessible via the Monkey Storm Beacon upgrade of the Monkey Beacon. Once upgraded to Monkey Storm Beacon, its ability can be activated after pressing the "Call Monkey Storm" button or from the tower menu. It will cost in-game cash but has no cooldown, meaning so long as you have the cash, Monkey Storm can be spammed indefinitely. When activated, Monkey Storm will damage all normal bloons on screen but not MOABs after a slight delay. This ability costs $850 on Easy, $TBA on Medium, and $TBA on Hard.

In BTD4, the Super Monkey Storm is accessible via the Monkey Storm Beacon upgrade. To activate it, it costs Easy, 1000 on Medium, & 1080 on Hard. You can only have 1 Monkey Storm Beacon in BTD4 and BTD4Ex. In gameplay, you now to wait after you use the Monkey Storm. It takes 60 seconds to reload and in the mobile version, can now destroy MOABs but only damage BFBs rather than completely destroy them. On the flash version, Monkey Storm still cannot damage MOABs and BFBs.

In BTD5 the Monkey Storm can be purchased from the Special Agents Shop for Monkey Dollar50 and will destroy all bloons on screen after a slight delay, and destroys up to a MOAB before taking into account Freeplay ramping. The Monkey Storm will disappear from the inventory so if the player wants to use it again they must buy a new one for another Monkey Dollar50. Using it 50 times will unlock its pro variant. The Monkey Storm seemingly does not affect bloons near a corner.

In BTD6 this had its price doubled, now costing 100 BloonjaminsIcon. It basically does the same thing as the Super Monkey Storm in BTD5. It instantly deals 2000 damage to all bloons on screen, or 2300 with the Monkey Knowledge upgrade "Powerful Monkey Storm". Super Monkey Storms cannot soak through blimp layers, however, as Super Monkey Storm on a MOAB turns it into its Ceramic descendants with full health.



  • The Super Monkey Storm now costs Monkey Money in BTD5 and Bloons TD 6 as opposed to in-game cash in BTD4 and BTD3.
  • If you have a pro for this special agent, it shows Super Monkey with Laser Vision icon and it has double storm effect instead of 1.
  • In BTD6 there are a total of 1 Skin(s) for the Super Monkey Storm, currently in the game, these include the: Super Vampire Storm (can be found here)

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