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Super Monkey Lair

Super Monkey Lair

Super Monkey Lair is the Specialty Building for the Super Monkey; it was released on the 5th of July. It costs Monkey Dollar2500 for each upgrade, making it the most expensive Specialty Building to buy as well as to completely upgrade.

Despite the heavy pricetags, the Super Monkey Lair is very useful if the player relies on Super Monkeys, especially towards the end game. If the Special Building is maxed out, not only would the prices of the Super Monkeys' base costs and all of their upgrades be much more affordable; the Super Monkeys also won't need a supporting tower to grant camo detection. However, this Special Building may not be suitable for players who are overconscious of Lead and Camo Bloons, if they use Monkey Apprentices to counter them.


Super Monkey Lair Upgrades

  • The first upgrade costs Monkey Dollar2,500
    The tower (including its upgrades) now costs 5% less than its original prices.
  • The second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar2,500
    Increases range by 10%.
  • The third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar2,500
    Allows the tower to spot Camo Bloons without assistance from other towers/special agents.
  • (Bloons TD 5 Mobile only) The fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar10,000
    Grants an ability to turn the Temple of the Monkey God into the Temple of the Vengeful Monkey, widely expanding its range and further increasing its attack speed for 10 seconds.
  • While active:
    Increases the cost of Monkey Apprentices and their upgrades by 5%.



  • A disadvantage of the second upgrade is a decrease in the number of Temple of the Monkey Gods that can fit into one map.
  • The third upgrade of Super Monkey Lair has no additional effect on the Temple of the Monkey God as they can already detect Camo Bloons.
  • When the Temple of the Vengeful Monkey is activated by the fourth upgrade, the Temple has full map coverage and a second beam which also includes all the sacrificed secondary attacks. It also turns black and the beams are red.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, there is a special item called Dark Temple Idol. This item turns all Temples of the Monkey God into Temples of the Vengeful Monkey. This does the same as the Tier 4 Super Monkey Lair, except it is not an ability and is permament.
    • However, in BMC Mobile, the Idol grants the Tier 4 ability from the Speciality Building.