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Never fear! Super Monkey is here!
~ Quote from Super Monkey
Super Monkey Shots Bloons Pop

Super Monkey shooting incredibly fast

Super Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. It throws 15 darts in quick succession with low bounce and only 1 damage per shot but with much more pierce. It cannot pop Leads or Camo Bloons. Super Monkey is unlocked at Level 3.


Super Monkeys are more effective at focusing at making dents at a specific location and digging through widespread bloons. These 15 darts have incredibly high maximum bounces compared to other options, making it useful for focusing damage at a specific location.

Merging two Super Monkeys to form a Mega Super Monkey. Mega Super Monkey is a superior option at digging through packs of dense and widespread bloons thanks to its power at piercing bloons. Only one move is consumed when using a Mega Super instead of using two moves to use two separate Supers.


When Super Monkey throws a dart:



  • Super Monkey's quote is similar to Max's quote from BATTD.
  • In some parts of the tutorial and main storyline dialogue, Super Monkey is also referred as "Supermonkey".
  • Unlike in BTD games, Super Monkey in Bloons Pop! notably has visible eyebrows.