Even more powerful Maelstrom ability and lasts longer.
~ In-game description

Super Maelstrom is the final Path 2 upgrade for the Tack Shooter in Bloons TD 6. Super Maelstrom enhances the ability significantly by increasing duration (9 seconds instead of 3 seconds), damage (2 damage instead of 1), and distribution area of the Blade Maelstrom ability (four sawblade spinners instead of two sawblade spinners along a more curved arc). It also allows both the tower's regular attack and ability to pop Lead Bloons, as well as deal 2 damage for all attacks. Cooldown for ability remains at 20 seconds. It costs $12,750 on Easy, $15,000 on Medium, $16,200 on Hard and $18,000 on Impoppable.


Super Maelstrom is far superior to the Blade Maelstrom upgrade. It has two seperate sawblades, one on top and one at the bottom. The blades it shoots now come out from the middle of the two metal plates which cover the two sawblades. There's a strong metal grip at the ground, holding the tower in place and a blue blade logo on top.


  • The blades of its ability have infinite pierce and thus can tear through even grouped Ceramic Bloons if they are close enough to the tower. This also applies to Blade Maelstrom too, though the Super Maelstrom has advantages that Blade Maelstroms lack.
  • The ability makes to tower shoot blades from 4 angles at once, as opposed to 2, massively multiplying the number of blades.
  • A Super Maelstrom (ability) that is buffed with 3+-x-x alchemist, 3-x-x monkey village, x-4+-x engineer or x-4+-x village can shoot a lot more blades than it normally could.
  • Crosspathing does not affect Super Maelstorm ability.
  • With maxed out buffs, Super Maelstrom can solo a number of earlier Freeplay Mode rounds, though it can often fail against DDTs.


Super Maelstrom is an effective low-cost tower for providing infinite popping power for popping bloons. It becomes most effective on Race Events that enable Tack Shooters, as many rounds can be sent at once for the Super Maelstrom ability to obliterate the vast amounts of bloons coming out in order to gain a significant amount of damage with one single ability usage.

Update HistoryEdit


Buff Super Maelstrom duration increased (TBA seconds --> 6)

Buff Damage dealt by Super Maelstrom main attack and its ability increased (1 --> 2)


Buff Super Maelstrom ability duration increased (6s --> 9s)



  • The Super Maelstrom upgrade itself costs ~53.57x more expensive than the base tower ($270).
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