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Super Fans
The ultimate Supermonkey fanboys. Their support can unlock the all powerful Sun God.
~ BATTD description
Supermonkey can't activate his Sun God ability without his fans.
~ Short description

Super Fans is an Uncommon Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. They are advanced versions of Dart Monkeys that allow Supermonkey to sacrifice them for him to turn into the Sun God, or alternatively become transformed into copies of Supermonkey with his Call In Friends ability. As such, they can only be equipped to him. Super Fans comes in groups of 4 per slot.


  • Low attack power


Icon upgrade pierce
Branded Darts
COST: $200
Description: Official Supermonkey merch can pop more bloons
Effect: +2 pierce
Icon upgrade faster
COST: $350
Upgrade(s) Required:
Branded Darts
Description: Increases attack speed to be just like Supermonkey
Effect: Attack cooldown decreased to 0.7s


  • Due to their high cost and low attack efficiency, Super Fans are better off only used when using one of Supermonkey's abilities (namely Call in Friends or Sun God).
  • Their price is discounted by 50% when Supermonkey has Dr Monkey's Secret Weapon equipped, helpful for replacing/bringing back Super Fans sacrificed to Sun God at a lower cost.
  • Note that Super Fans despawn when sacrificed, along with their upgrades. So do not upgrade them if planning to use the Sun God ability.



  • Super Fans seem to be based on the Super Monkey Fan Club. More specifically, their ability to be converted to Supermonkeys references the Super Monkey Fan Club as it appears in the Bloons TD series, while their outfit resembles the monkeys in the Supermonkey Fan Club powerup in Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile.
    • Likewise, their ability to hit camo bloons references how BTD5/BTD6 Dart Monkeys in any upgrade path may gain camo detection via Enhanced Eyesight.
    • If a Super Monkey is placed down, the Super Fans will look in his direction and clap.