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Super Ceramic Bloons are a special type of Ceramic Bloon that appear in later rounds, starting in Bloons TD 5. Their shells have significantly increased health but have only one line of children. Additionally, that Rainbow Bloon and its subsequent children will only spawn one child each instead of two (with the Zebra spawning only one White). The purpose of Super Ceramics is to reduce lag in freeplay mode while still providing as much challenge and cash as normal ceramics do. Usually, Super Ceramics start to appear on the round after the first ZOMG appearance, at least in all of the mainstream games.

Super Ceramic Bloons appear in Rounds 86+ in BTD5, anytime you reach Freeplay Mode in BTD5 Mobile (as well as Apopalypse and Deflation, since they don't have goal rounds outside of Random Missions in these modes), Rounds 30+ in BMC Flash (but not Mobile) in Contested Territory (this also applies to Boss Fights for the Flash version past boss level 30, although bugged to give less cash than normal), Rounds 35+ in BTDB Flash, Rounds 44+ in BTDB Mobile (player-sent Bloons appear to be unaffected), Rounds 81+ in BTD6, and Rounds 30+ in BTDB2.

In the BTD5 Generation, Super Ceramics have 38 health. In BTD6, Super Ceramics have 60 health, while its Fortified variants have 120 health. BTDB2 uses a similar formula in BTD6, but the Fortified variants have 180 health instead.

When popping a Super Ceramic, the money earned is treated as if popping a Ceramic layer, a whole standard Rainbow Bloon, and every missing layer from the second standard Rainbow Bloon, all at once; this is due to the removal of multiple non-blimp children. In BTD6, popping a Super Ceramic layer gives $87, excluding income-per-pop penalties. When accounting for R81-85, R86-100, R101-120, and R121+: $17.4, $8.7, $4.35, and $1.74 per popped Super Ceramic layer, respectively.

For each Super Ceramic leaked on Rounds 81 and above, it costs 65 lives (47+8+10), or 75 lives if fortified (47+8+20). DDTs cost 660 lives (65*4+400), or 1100 lives if fortified (75*4+800). Most of game overs occur because of ceramics spawned from DDTs or DDTs spawned from BADs in late-game.


Due to their high health of their shells but the lack of splitting children, towers with relatively low pierce but high stalling power or high damage are recommended. In Bloons TD 5, the Temples necessary to survive in Freeplay Mode easily defeat Super Ceramics on their own.

In BTD6, Super Ceramics appear in rounds 81+ and must be encountered when attempting to complete Impoppable or C.H.I.M.P.S. Because of this, special strategies must be handled in preparation for these greatly reinforced bloons.

Effective countermeasures[]

  • Ice Monkeys in general and Super Glue are more efficient against Super Ceramics, since Super Ceramics' children no longer exponentially exhaust their pierce. It will take a considerably long time before the extra hard shells crack into weakened versions of Rainbow Bloons. This is not a disadvantage however, since this longer time to pop gives a considerable amount of extra time to recharge abilities to use for the next round.
  • Super Ceramics are also easier to blow back from Heli Pilots's Downdraft, Ninja Monkey's distraction or Druid's Druid of the Storm.
  • Bloon Impact can lock Super Ceramics in place long enough to easily pop them. Glue Hose and Arctic Wind fulfill a similar purpose.
  • The Bloon Solver easily and quickly dissolves swarms of Super Ceramics.
  • Spiked Balls are more efficient against Super Ceramics for similar reasons to the Ice Monkey, and are also cheaper to place than other stockpile options.
  • The Biggest One stuns and also can pop large amounts of Super Ceramics with just a few shells. With 5-0-2, any ceramic hit will eventually be completely popped.
  • Prince of Darkness, especially their zombie BFBs, is effective against both Super Ceramics and lower-health blimps like MOABs and DDTs.
  • Perma-Spike does well against both Super Ceramics and blimps, especially when buffed with Acidic Mixture Dip and further upgrades along the Alchemist's top path.
  • Ezili's MOAB Hex, Psi's vibration attacks, Benjamin's Bloon Trojan, Obyn's Wall of Trees, XXXL Trap, and Bloon Master Alchemist's Red Bloon Transform bypass blimps' Super Ceramic descendants entirely.
  • Ground Zero and Tsar Bomba instantly kill Super Ceramics, and can also effectively instakill large numbers of lower-level blimps containing them.
  • Primary Expertise instakills or heavily damages tighter packs of Super Ceramics with its Mega Ballista, especially on Round 95.

Towers to be wary of against Super Ceramics[]

Many towers struggle against Super Ceramics. Either sell them for better options (if not on CHIMPS) or add something to cover for this weakness.

  • Archmage deals good damage to blimps but lackluster damage to Super Ceramics.
  • Plasma Accelerator, while still very strong against MOAB-class bloons, are significantly less effective against Super Ceramics and therefore will not suffice as bloon cleanup.
  • M.O.A.R. Glaives, whose gimmick is to rip through crowds of bloons layer by layer, struggle badly, despite the extra Ceramic damage. Glaive Lord, the succeeding Tier 5 upgrade, doesn't do much better either; while it does have respectable Super Ceramic damage, it shouldn't be entirely relied as the only cleanup against Super Ceramics.
  • Cluster Bomb and Recursive Cluster lack sufficient damage against Super Ceramics when compared to ordinary Ceramics. Unless specifically revolved around spamming these towers, neither of them will be sufficient for Super Ceramic cleanup.
  • Ring of Fire is designed to be more effective against Rainbow Bloons and below, and it shows. It is almost useless against Super Ceramics because Ring of Fire cannot deal enough damage. Either purchase the succeeding Inferno Ring upgrade as soon as possible, or find another option for Round 81 onwards.
  • Summon Phoenix falls in the late-game due to doing too little damage against Super Ceramics to be worthy as a cleanup option, but otherwise does a mediocre supporting DPS role against MOAB-class.
  • The M.A.D's rockets deal pitiful damage against anything except MOABs, making it a sitting duck against them without the Rocket Storm ability.
  • Ultra-Juggernaut, despite its anti-ceramic role, fares very poorly against Super Ceramics due to its relatively slow and clunky attack speed. An exception can be made with maps where the Ultra-Juggernaut excels in, such as Encrypted or Cornfield.
  • Elite Defender will waste too much time fighting off one super ceramic and unable to fight off the other super ceramics behind it.
  • Deadly Precision and Maim MOAB will not one-shot a normal Super Ceramic, and can quickly get overwhelmed against dense rounds like 98.
  • Crossbow Master, while strong prior to Round 81 onwards, tends to do poorly against them outside of crits.

Additional Tips[]

  • Try using stall-based towers and/or anti-Ceramic options for beating Super Ceramics. They will benefit out of these modified Ceramics better than those specifically used for mid-game.
  • Towers whose attacks only inflict a straightforward damage without any mobility-reducing status effects or bonus damage to Ceramics would likely be poor. An example of this would be BTDB2 Really Big Bombs but not BTDB2 Bloon Impact, or lower-level Spike Factory spam but not Spiked Balls or Spiked Ball Factory.


Super Ceramics in BTD5 generation were significantly weaker than their regular counterpart in terms of RBE however they make up with their resistance to slowdown and their slightly faster speed than Rainbow Bloon (like its normal variant).

In BTD6, they received a massive buff in comparison to BTD5. They now replace normal ceramic bloons in rounds 81+ (including when released from MOABs). While still having less RBE (68), their Fortified versions have a higher RBE of 128.


Here are the rounds that are guaranteed to spawn Super Ceramics naturally in Bloons TD 6.

Normal Gameplay

  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic, 40 Ceramic Regrowth, 40 Fortified Ceramic, 30 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 91: 100 Fortified Ceramic, 20 B.F.B.
  • Round 101: 450 Purple, 50 Fortified Ceramic, 10 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 104: 200 Purple, 200 Fortified Lead, 200 Ceramic, 25 M.O.A.B., 150 Fortified M.O.A.B., 25 B.F.B., 14 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 105: 25 Fortified Lead, 100 Ceramic, 300 Fortified Ceramic, 30 B.F.B.
  • Round 113: 42 Ceramic Camo, 42 Fortified Ceramic, 75 Fortified M.O.A.B., 15 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 128: 200 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 30 B.F.B., 39 Fortified D.D.T.
  • Round 129: 77 Purple Camo, 77 Fortified Lead Camo, 77 Ceramic Camo, 7 Z.O.M.G., 7 Fortified Z.O.M.G., 18 D.D.T.
  • Round 163: 100 Lead Camo Regrowth, 100 Fortified Lead Camo, 100 Fortified Lead Regrowth, 200 Fortified Lead Camo Regrowth, 1000 Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 333 Fortified Ceramic, 541 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 437 Fortified Ceramic Regrowth, 1254 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth
  • Round 10001: 9999 Fortified Ceramic

Alternate Bloons Rounds

  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic Camo, 40 Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 40 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 20 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 90: 50 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 4 D.D.T.
  • Round 91: 100 Fortified Ceramic, 15 Fortified B.F.B.
  • On Rounds 101-120 in this game mode, Ceramic Bloons are randomly generated, based on pre-determined ceramic waves in standard rounds counterpart.


  • The origin of the name "Super Ceramic" is yet to be found, but was confirmed to be mentioned by Ninja Kiwi multiple times.
  • Ceramic Farming is one of the specific farming method that involves heavy-stalling Super Ceramic Bloons in Bloons TD 6, especially on pre-determined freeplay rounds.