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Unearned achievement

Destroy 1,000 BADs
~ BTD6 description

Super BAD is an achievement in BTD6. It is achieved by popping 1,000 BAD bloons. Earning this achievement will reward BloonjaminsIcon 500 and 10 Road Spikes.


  • Due to the nature of the achievement, popping one thousand BADs can only be easily achieved by the use of later freeplay rounds past round 110. See BTD 6 Freeplay Mode/Strategies for strategies to obtain high freeplay rounds to pop BADs.
  • Alternate Bloons Rounds provides two BADs before round 100, one at the end of round 99 and a Fortified BAD on round 100. Additionally, between rounds 111 and 140, extra BADs can be randomly generated that cannot generate outside of Apopalypse and ABR.
  • Elite Bloonarius spawns many BADs when his health meets a skull, totalling around 50 BADs per completed Bloonarius run.
  • Rounds from 141 to 200 contains around 150-200 BADs in total, making beating Round 200 multiple times a good choice to complete the achievement.
    • Ezili can be a good choice, as she can easily deal against BADs until Round 200, since rounds until 200 only consist up to 5-6 BADs each.
    • Rounds beyond 200 almost always contain multiple BADs and Fortified BADs. However it's not recommended to go this far, due to insane health ramping (especially on Rounds 251+) and performance issues.
  • As of 41.0 update, MOAB Madness can help to get this achievement faster.

Version History[]

The achievement has been negatively affected by changes since version 25.0 making many rounds in Freeplay Mode fixed, and consequently slowing down achievement progress as these fixed rounds spawn many fewer BADs than would be generated randomly. These changes do not affect Apopalypse and Alternate Bloons Rounds.

  • NERF Freeplay rounds from 101 to 120 are fixed. Only three BADs spawn before round 121.
  • NERF Freeplay rounds from 121 to 140 are fixed as well. Only five BADs spawn before round 141.
  • BUFF Round 119 BAD count increased (2 -> 3) Now six BADs spawn before round 141.
  • BUFF MOAB Madness Quest added (spawns 50 BADs on round 5)