The most powerful, largest bombs require this Centre. Granting access to the Ground-Zero [sic] and The Big One upgrades.
~ Official BMC description
Super bomb research centre

The Super-Bomb Research Centre is the Special Building required to allow research of The Big One, Ground Zero and First Strike Capability. It costs $25,000 (flash) or $55,000 to build (mobile), and takes 2 days to finish construction, it gives the player 750 XP upon completion. It consumes Lightning thing-050 and a 2x2 tile space. It requires Level 20 to unlock.


  • This Special Building has got an idle animation in the Flash version. In this case, it is the glowing of the radioactive symbol to green and back to black.
  • In the Flash version, there is a spelling mistake in the quote. Instead of "Ground Zero", the description of this Special Building calls the upgrade "Ground-Zero", with hyphen.
  • Although it looks like it takes up only 3 tiles in a "L" shape, it actually takes up a full 2 by 2 area of four tiles. The bottom right tile cannot have anything placed on it.



Super-Bomb Centre in BMC Mobile

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