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For the 5th tier upgrade in Bloons TD 6, see True Sun God.
Legends speak of a being that fears no bloon.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description
It is said that those who doth touch the sun will be cleansed, and then there shalt be peace.
~ Bloons TD 5 Flash Description
It is said that bloons dare not touch the sun.
~ Bloons TD 5 Mobile Description

Sun God is the final upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 4 and is the third upgrade on Path 1 in Bloons TD 5. It sprays an almost constant stream of sun rays, popping all Bloons in the path of the sun rays & doing massive damage per second to MOAB-Class Bloons. It costs $14025 on Easy, $16,500 on Medium, $17820 on Hard and $19,800 on Impoppable in BTD5, and $17,000 on Easy, $20,000 on Medium and $2,1600 on Hard in BTD4.

A single Sun God is better than having three Super Monkeys with Plasma Vision because it costs slightly less and the sun rays have nearly no limit of poppage due to the hypersonic speed at which they fire, piercing through MOAB-Class Bloons resulting in the bloons behind it being hit.

In BTD5, a single Sun God is actually slightly worse against MOAB-Class Bloons than a Robo Monkey due to the fact that the firing speed of each individual stream of sunrays is half that of a Plasma Vision Super Monkey. However, its advantage stems from its greatly improved popping power of 15, allowing it to decimate regular bloons with ease.



Sun God provides a very large DPS increase and is capable of gaining huge range with Epic Range. However, it lacks innate camo detection, but giving it large simple boosts such as Villages will make it noticeably stronger and better.

It is also the strongest DPS tower in BTD4, but also the most expensive. Farm super hard with Banana Farms to afford such a powerful upgrade.


  • Combining a Sun God with a Radar Scanner or a Meerkat Spy will let it detect Camo Bloons, which means it will be able to attack every type of bloon.
  • A Sun God on Monkey Lane is not able to beat a Z.O.M.G. by itself. If players are going to fight the Z.O.M.G., have some extra backup towers.
  • A Sun God can destroy a Z.O.M.G. on Fireworks, The Rink, Space Truckin' & Brick Wall, if it is upgraded to 3-2, and placed in the center.
  • Sun God can also be upgraded into a Temple but it would destroy all towers within its radius. However, the towers being destroyed will never be in vain; enough towers sacrificed will make the TOTMG a maxed TOTMG; the second most powerful tower in the game (TOTVM is the first).

Red Z with Camo. It is very unfortunate, but Super Monkeys cannot target Camo Bloons unassisted unless the Super Monkeys are upgraded into TOTMGs.

Bloons Super Monkey[]

If the player touches a Sun item in Bloons Super Monkey, indicated as a yellow orb, the Super Monkey will be transformed into a Sun God which will blast sun rays everywhere. The sunrays travel in 5 paths unlike the regular Sun God, each of which branch are composed of three separate blasts that slowly split apart. The sun rays are arguably more powerful than the death ray vision, but if put in the hands of an experienced player, the death ray vision can be more destructive. The Sun God lasts approximately 4 seconds.

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

The Sun God reappears in BSM2, this time it can only be obtained by popping a Golden Bloon or Power-Up Bloon. Instead of shooting endless sun rays, the Sun God in Bloons Super Monkey 2 attacks with twelve tentacles that greatly resemble Super Plasma Tentacles from the original Bloons Super Monkey. The attack pattern closely resembles a rising sun.



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  • If M.I.B Call to Arms is used with a Sun God, it will appear to shoot a single solid beam rather than three separated bursts.
  • In Bloons TD4 iOS, if you look closely, the hand is just a regular Super Monkey's hand.
  • Even though it is the highest upgrade to the most powerful tower in Bloons TD 4, the Sun God still can't detect or target Camo Bloons on its own.
  • In Bloons TD 5, a single sun ray can pop 15 bloons at a time.
  • In Bloons TD 4, in Fast Forward, the Sun God's rays appear to be packed into one, but if you don't fast forward the game, they are not packed into one.
  • The sun rays are more spread out in BTD5 compared to BTD4.
    • This is helpful in the way that it can hit more Bloons per shot, but worse in the way that it doesn't have the pure power against MOAB class Bloons that the BTD4 Sun God had.
  • A Sun God's head is the icon of Hard Difficulty for Extreme Difficulty tracks.
  • A glitch occasionally occurs in Bloons Super Monkey with the Sun God; its head (except its eyes and crown) becomes totally invisible/transparent.
  • The Sun God was a lot less powerful in Bloons TD 4 than it is in Bloons TD 5.
    • It is cheaper in Bloons TD 5, where it is a lot more powerful but costs only $16500, while in Bloons TD 4 was a lot less powerful but costs $20,000.
    • Sunrays have higher velocity in Bloons TD 5 than in Bloons TD 4.
    • Sun God shoots every 2 frame in Bloons TD 5, but in Bloons TD 4 it shoots every 3 frames.
    • The popping power of the Sun God is 15 in Bloons TD 5, while it was only 5 in Bloons TD 4.
  • It's one of the upgrades that costs more than $10000 in Bloons TD 4, the others being Laser Cannon and Banana Research Facility.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, the description of the Super Monkey calls the Sun God the "Sun Avatar".
    • The artwork of the Sun God in Bloons TD 5 Flash is internally called assets.towers.SunAvatar.
  • It may be considered sightly more powerful than a Temple of the Monkey God without sacrifices, as it can pop a M.O.A.B. and all its children faster than the Temple (Tested on Lobby).
  • This upgrade's description is based on the natural phenomena which a balloon expands when heat, including sun heat, presents and pops when it reaches the limit.
  • A green Sun God's head is the icon for the Impoppable Difficulty. It was once speculated to be the Monkey God, but NK blogs (notably from 5th July, 2019) eventually have confirmed against it.
    • According to Ninja Kiwi's 15th October, 2021 blog, the green Sun God is simply Sun God's head "captured in the eerie green glow of battle."
  • In Bloons TD 6, it is called the Sun Avatar to avoid confusion with the True Sun God. Avatars are merely representatives of the sun in that version.

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