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Whirlwind will blow bloons away from the exit, but will thaw bloons and remove glue.
~ BTD4 description

Summon Whirlwind is an upgrade for the Monkey Apprentice, the third upgrade in BTD4 and the third upgrade of Path 1 in BTD5. A Monkey Apprentice with this upgrade is called a Disciple of Air in Bloons TD 5, or a Monkey Archmage in Bloons TD 4. It allows the monkey to summon a whirlwind that can blow Bloons closer to the start. Each whirlwind tornado is hurled straightwards, blowing up to 30 (?) bloons per shot.

Compared to Tempest Tornado, it attacks very few bloons, is much cheaper, and doesn't pop bloons.

Tiny Tornadoes Icon

The Tiny Tornadoes premium upgrade in BTD5.

Change of the Tower[]

The Disciple of Air in BTD5 affects the Monkey Apprentice by making it have a light blue robe and hat. It will also make it carry a wand that has a blue crystal at the end of it.


Put Monkey Apprentices with Summon Whirlwind near the end of a track so that they're more efficient in saving players lives (putting them in the beginning won't blow the Bloons back much).

Summon Whirlwind is a key part of a cash-earning method called Regen Farming, in which players pop a Regen that is a Black Bloon, White Bloon, Zebra, Rainbow, or Ceramic, wait for it to regenerate into two of those kinds, and continue with that, earning more money. This is risky, as if too much is done, players defenses might not be able to handle it. Even more so, only having one Whirlwind Apprentice can be dangerous as it only summons a little whirlwind and takes time to regenerate. Also, this upgrade cannot push back MOAB Class Bloons, and it is effective to get more of a damage output and 2-3 Summon Whirlwind mages.


Wizard's whirlwind and tempest tornado spells will thaw bloons and blow the glue off - so position these carefully!
~ BTD4 Round 48 Pre-Round Comment