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Summon Phoenix ability: Powerful phoenix wreaks Bloon havoc for 20 seconds.
~ In-game description

Summon Phoenix is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Wizard Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It grants the ability to summon a Phoenix that continuously shoots flames directed according to the parent Wizard, and the Wizard itself now shoots 2 flames in an angular spray that deal 2 burn damage per 1.5s for 3.0s, but each flame has only 3 pierce (5 with 0-4-1). Each phoenix flame is shot once every 0.1s and deals 5 damage without the damage-over-time burning effects, and has 8 pierce per phoenix flame. Like all airborne towers, the phoenix ignores Line of Sight. It lasts for up to 20 seconds (as long as the parent Wizard is on screen), and it has a 45-second cooldown which is around 44% uptime. Summon Phoenix can benefit from crosspaths, gaining innate camo detection via Monkey Sense or adding light homing of similar strength to Neva-Miss Targeting if crosspathed with Guided Magic.

This upgrade costs $5,950 on Easy, $7,000 on Medium, $7,560 on Hard, and $8,400 on Impoppable.




Summon Phoenix shoots 2 flames in an angular spray

Phoenix and wizard phoenix

Summon Phoenix with its phoenix, the phoenix spitting out flames at bloons and dealing a 5 damage to them

The Wizard Monkey with the Summon Phoenix upgrade grows a mustache, wears a belt, wears gloves with a black stripe each at the wrist level alongside a bulging red emblem at the dorsal sides of each hand, and wings are added on its hat. The wand receives an intricate "fingered" design holding the ball of the wand. The Wizard looks happy in the upgrade portrait while its phoenix flies overhead.

Besides the improved Dragon's Breath attacks, it gains the Summon Phoenix ability. The phoenix, when activated, screeches an avian cry, and shoots high-damage flames at bloons from anywhere on screen, and lasts for a limited time.

Summon Phoenix's main Dragon's Breath attack is improved to deal extra burny damage, and fire two flames in an angular spray but pierce slightly less.

Activated Abilities[]

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Summon Phoenix

Summon Phoenix Ability

Upon activation, a deadly Phoenix will appear. It shoots a continuous blast of flames aimed according to the parent Wizard, each dealing 5 damage per flame with 8 pierce. The Phoenix will last for 20 seconds before disappearing. Unlike BTD5, an initial cooldown is required prior to activation of any newly upgraded Summon Phoenix Wizards. Phoenix cannot pop Purple Bloons and requires camo detection to detect and pop Camo Bloons. Cooldown is 45 seconds.

Like most magic-based activated abilities, Summon Phoenix's ability cooldowns can be reduced by adding a global Energizer buff or Obyn Level 12+. It can have its ability cooldowns reset with Geraldo's Rejuv Potion.

Targeting Priorities[]

Summon Phoenix targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

The Phoenix's flames will follow the tower's targeting option. Phoenixes fly in a smaller version of the Centered Path flight targeting.

When given Monkey Sense, the Wizard and the Phoenix gain access to the Camo Prioritization option.

Full Popology[]


Updated as of Version 42.2
Base stats
  • Bolt:
    • Projectile, energy type, 40 range, 1.1s attack cooldown, 1 damage, 3 pierce.
  • Fireball:
    • Projectile, fire type, 40 range, 2.2s attack cooldown, angular spray of 3, 1 damage, 1 pierce, impact, create an explosion.
    • Explosion, Area of Effect, explosion type, 3 damage, 15 pierce, 14 blast radius.
  • Firewall:
    • On-track item, fire type, 40 range, 4.5s attack cooldown, 1 damage per 0.1s, 20 pierce, ~10 projectile size, 4.5s lifespan. Locked on Close targeting.
  • Breath Flame:
    • Projectile, fire type, 40 range, angular spray of 2, 0.135s attack cooldown, 2 damage, 3 pierce, ~3 projectile size, 0.4s lifespan. Apply 2 damage per 1.5s for 3.0s DoT fire effect.
Ability stats
  • Summon Phoenix:
    • Creates Phoenix sub-tower. Lasts for 20 seconds.
    • Ability cooldown of 45 seconds.
Other stats
  • Phoenix:
    • Flies around in a flight pattern of 90 flight radius and centered at the center of the screen.
  • Phoenix Flame:
    • Projectile, fire type, flies above all Line of Sight restrictions, infinite range, 0.1s attack cooldown, 5 damage, 8 pierce, 6 projectile size. Target priority based on main Wizard.
Crosspathing interactions
  • 1-4-0:
    • Bolt ignores Line of Sight
    • Fireball ignores Line of Sight
    • Firewall ignores Line of Sight and can be targeted separate from other attacks via a reticle
    • Firewall lifespan increased from 4.5s to 6.5s
    • Breath Flame lifespan increases from 0.4s to 0.8s and ignores Line of Sight
    • Phoenix Flame projectiles now slightly home at bloons
  • 2-4-0:
    • Bolt deals 2 damage instead of 1, and projectile size increased.
    • Fireball explosion deals 4 damage instead of 3.
  • 0-4-1:
    • Bolt pierce increased to 8 (+5), and projectile speed increases
    • Fireball pierce increases to 20 (+5)
    • Firewall pierce increases to 25 (+5)
    • Breath Flame pierce increases to 6 (+2)
  • 0-4-2:
    • Base tower gains camo detection, all new attacks can affect camo, and gains Camo Priority
    • Grants Phoenix camo detection

Attack Interactions[]

See also: Attack Interactions/Bloons TD 6/Magic
Updated as of Version 39.0
Base attack(s)
  • Bolt:
    • Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) Energy
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
  • Fireball (Projectile):
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
  • Fireball (Explosion):
    • Explosion Type (pops White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Explosion
    • Burst (bursts from fireball) Burst
    • Area of Effect Area of Effect
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (9) Extra Damage (9)
  • Firewall:
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • On-Track (unspecified variant) On Track
    • Spawn On-Map (unspecified variant) Spawn
    • Contact Damage (1 damage every 0 Contact Damage (1 damage / 0.1s)
  • Breath Flame:
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • Angular Spray (2) Angular Spray (2)
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (2) Extra Damage (2)
    • Burn (standard bloons, 2 damage per 1.5s for 3 Burn (2 damage / 1.5s for 3.0s)
    • Burn (MOAB-Class Bloons, 2 damage per 1.5s for 3 Burn Blimps (2 damage / 1.5s for 3.0s)
  • Summon Phoenix:
    • Deploy Sub-Tower (deploys a phoenix, lasts 20 seconds) Deploy Sub Tower
  • Phoenix Flame:
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
    • Path-Based Mobility (The location at where the projectiles will spawn depend on where the Phoenix was when the attack was made Path-Based Mobility
    • Full Map Range ("aircraft" projectiles) Full Range
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (5) Extra Damage (5)


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-4-X) $5,950 $7,000 $7,560 $8,400 -
Total (0-4-0) $9,965 $11,725 $12,665 $14,070 $6,976 $8,208 $8,866 $9,849
Crosspath (1-4-0) $10,090 $11,875 $12,825 $14,250 $7,063 $8,313 $8,978 $9,975
Crosspath (2-4-0) $10,470 $12,325 $13,310 $14,790 $7,329 $8,628 $9,317 $10,353
Crosspath (0-4-1) $10,220 $12,025 $12,990 $14,430 $7,154 $8,418 $9,093 $10,101
Crosspath (0-4-2) $10,475 $12,325 $13,315 $14,790 $7,333 $8,628 $9,321 $10,353

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: MagicTricksIcon Magic Tricks, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



The ability for Summon Phoenix excels as a mid-game option to supplement high damage across a global range. The Phoenix deals high damage, providing a temporary boost in damage against both ordinary bloons and MOAB-class bloons across any range. Alone, the Phoenix can deal with medium-to-large groups of bloons on its own, being a cost-effective addition to the parent Wizard and/or other defenses whenever extra sources of long-ranged defense are needed. Backing up with additional defense to cover the downtime of the Phoenix is important, whether it be preparing for multiple Phoenixes on ready or adding supporting damage to cover downtime of their abilities.


  • Crosspaths do affect the Phoenix. Although most crosspathing should be based on the Dragon's Breath attack, which benefits well from crosspathing, the Phoenix will do a significant portion of the Wizard's true power if crosspathed. 1-4-0 is better if accurate targeting is preferred, while 0-4-2 is independent from external camo detection methods, but 0-4-1 does literally nothing for the Phoenix due to not gaining extra pierce or projectile speed. Otherwise, just base it on the Dragon's Breath attack.
  • Selling the Wizard removes the phoenix, so take caution before selling the Wizard.
  • While Summon Phoenix is much stronger in BTD6 than in BTD5, specifically because flames deal much more damage and will always produce flames no matter where the phoenix is, the phoenix remains only a temporary long-ranged option. Combining with other reliable long-ranged options such as Neva-Miss Targeting with Alch buff or a 2-3-0 Bouncing Bullet may help fill the gap between the downtime of the Summon Phoenix ability.
  • Phoenixes tend to fall off in late-game due to their inferior Super Ceramic damage, shining mid-game.
  • Having at least 3 Summon Phoenix Wizards allows for at least one Phoenix up at all times. Even having 2 Summon Phoenix Wizards provides a significant uptime for a Phoenix, having only a downtime of a measly 5 seconds.
  • Note that Gwendolin's Level 5+ buffs do not affect the Phoenix, only the main attacks of the parent Wizard.
  • In Boss Bloon Events, Summon Phoenix is a viable long-ranged option on maps with poor range, in addition to Wizard having a medium-sized footprint to potentially fit them in spots that Spike Factories cannot. Summon Phoenix can be combined with Geraldo's Rejuv Potion to produce more than one Phoenix per Wizard, up to three if all 2 Rejuv Potions are used at quick succession.
  • One use of the Summon Phoenix ability can appreciatively cover two different waves of Round 63 in combination with a decent defense. Two different Summon Phoenix abilities can cover all waves, but is mutually exclusive with having two at once for the final Ceramic wave.



None (so far)

  • [30.2, possibly 28.0] When set to Strong and Camo Priorization, 0-4-2 Summon Phoenix's phoenix did not follow Camo Prioritization. Such a phenomenon could be proven by testing a Fortified BAD and DDTs; the phoenix would prioritize the BAD over the Fortified DDTs. Patched on Version 31.0.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Alongside some buffs inherited from Dragon's Breath, the Summon Phoenix ability is a lot stronger than it was when the game was first released, mainly for the base phoenix damage. It also had a price cut in earlier versions to make the ability more viable in a mid-game setting. It has since been nerfed in Version 33.0 and 34.0 as more players began to utilize its global-ranged high-damage power on Advanced and Expert Maps to excel the mid-game. Overall, the cumulative costs as of present are comparable to that from initial release. Update 42.0 added Summon Phoenix dual Dragon's Breath making it a straight upgrade without the ability.

  • BUFF Summon Phoenix costs less ($5,000 → $4,000)
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix ability damage increased from 1 to 2.
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix ability damage increased from 2 to 3.
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix projectile speed increased from 200 to 300.
  • Change Updated flame assets for most fire attacks except Fireball
  • BUFF 1-4-0 Wizard now uses tower targeting priority to guide the Wall of Fire.
  • NERF Wall of Fire pierce decreased (20 → 15). Requires Intense Magic for 20 pierce Walls of Fire.
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix summon states now save between games.
  • BUFF Affected by Dragon's Breath crosspath buffs
  • BUFF Affected by Dragon's Breath buffs
  • BUFF 0-4-0 Summon Phoenix projectile radius increased from 5 → 6
  • BUFF 0-4-0 Summon Phoenix damage increased from 3 → 4
  • BUFF 0-4-0 Summon Phoenix pierce increased from 5 → 6
  • BUFF 0-4-0 Summon Phoenix projectile speed increased from 300 → 350
  • NERF Affected by Wall of Fire anti-buy-resell nerfs
  • BUFF Affected by Dragon's Breath buffs
  • BUFF Affected by Dragon's Breath buffs
In order to allow for more strategic use of the birdy, Summoned Phoenix will now follow the set target priority.
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix now copies targeting of the Wizard instead of defaulting to Close
Some general buffs have been made to Wizard's abilities to give it a small boost. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix Ability cooldown reduced from 60s → 45s
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix Ability damage increased from 4 → 5
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix Ability pierce increased from 6 → 10
As Wall of Fire still stands out too much for a Tier 2 upgrade, it is seeing a nerf with some power being shifted further up to the T3 instead. In contrast, Fireball continues to underwhelm, so is seeing an initial buff plus a larger buff at T3.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Dragon's Breath
  • Change Affected by Dragon's Breath reworks
  • BUFF Patched a bug for the 0-4-2 crosspath that when set to Strong and Camo Priority, the Phoenix attacked would only attack strong without any regard for Camo Priority.
  • BUFF Affected by buff that removed Dragon's Breath no single-layer damage
Polishing some crosspaths, 130 Dragons Breath is the only crosspath for Guided Magic that doesn't yet attack through walls, and 011 Fireball also does not benefit from having the pierce crosspath
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Affected by 1-3-0 Dragon's Breath LoS ignorance buff
  • BUFF Affected by 0-1-1 Fireball buff
Wall of Fire’s exceptional T2 power needs to be moved around for improved crosspathing, along with a slight nerf to Phoenix as it is currently performing too well, both of these upgrades are shifting some of their power into Dragon’s Breath so it can stand out as more than just a buff to WoF & stepping stone to Phoenix. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Summon Phoenix price increased ($4000 → $4500)
  • NERF Summon Phoenix pierce reduced (10 → 8)
  • BUFF Affected by Dragon's Breath buffs and added Level 5+ Gwen Pyrotechnics synergy
[...] Phoenix is still far too strong for an extremely cheap T4, so cost is being shifted from the T5 down.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Summon Phoenix price increased $4500 → $6000
Dragon’s Breath will still be great, just a little less excessively so
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Dragon's Breath
  • NERF Affected by Dragon's Breath flame nerfs
Middle path T4 Phoenix continues carrying rounds quite well for a long period of the game, as a light nerf here we’re taking away the free camo detection that Phoenix used to get, given the tower has a camo crosspath it could go for to properly inherit this onto the phoenix anyway. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Summon Phoenix no longer has innate camo detection, now requiring the 0-4-2 crosspath for Phoenix ability to see Camo innately.
  • NERF Affected by Dragon's Breath price nerf
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix's targeting priorities can now be adjusted using targeting options while the phoenix is active, instead of set only on the targeting priority of the parent Wizard at the time of spawning.
We set up for this Wall of Fire change quite a while ago, however finally it feels that Wall of Fire has cooled off enough to smooth out the curve a little more, granting it seamless uptime with crosspathing and a lower price tag. Summon Phoenix price is increasing more along with a larger reduction in cost to the Wizard Lord Phoenix, however Phoenix will now also be able to gain seeking frontal breath attacks with Guided Magic crosspathing. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Path 2 Wizards
  • NERF Summon Phoenix upgrade cost increased ($6000 → $7500)
  • BUFF 1-4-0 Summon Phoenix now adds light seeking to the Phoenix
  • BUFF Affected by 1-2-0 WoF buffs
Dragon's Breath is too much of an early powerhouse right now, as the DoT doesn't care for high rate we're reducing that rate, but slightly reducing the cost of Phoenix as well. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix price reduced from $7500 to $7000
  • NERF Summon Phoenix's Dragon's Breath attack cooldown increased from 0.125s to 0.135s
Wizard is feeling effective across the board with nice use cases across each path so there was hesitation about making changes. Nevertheless we felt there were important changes here with DoT in mind, so there’s now new scaling on the Dragon’s Breath attack improving damage over time on higher upgrades and a for-fun change to the projectile count assisting in spreading flames to many targets. We understand we are affecting current balance but it’s done in the name of fun and for Wizard fans.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix's Dragon's Breath damage-over-time increased from 1 to 2
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix's Dragon's Breath attack now shoots 2 projectiles in an angular spray
  • NERF Summon Phoenix's Dragon's breath attack pierce reduced from 4 to 3
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix's Summon Phoenix ability projectile speed increased from 350 to 450
As Fireball becomes very forgotten at higher tiers and is hard to even see at Dragon’s Breath, we’re improving the crosspath and adding even more projectiles at T3 for wider explosive coverage. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix's fireball projectile count increased from 1 to 3
  • NERF Summon Phoenix's fireball damage reduced from 9 to 3
  • BUFF 2-4-0 Summon Phoenix's fireball now gains +1 damage for fireballs
  • Change Indirect buff as Dragon's Breath's main breath pierce was reduced to 3, just like Summon Phoenix's main breath pierce

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


When activating Summon Phoenix Ability:

When a fireball explodes:

When deploying a Wall of Fire blaze:


Official artwork[]




  • In BTD6, this upgrade is now on separate paths to the Monkey Sense upgrade. However, until Version 38.0, the phoenix could still detect Camos even without the main tower having camo detection.
  • The Phoenix's flight path is a smaller version of Centered Path in Bloons TD 6.
  • Unlike BTD5, the phoenix will constantly shoot flames at bloons as long as it is active, regardless of distance from the bloons.
  • Summon Phoenix is the 73rd unique 2MPC tower upgrade listed on the fan-official 2MPC spreadsheet.[1] This is also the first debut of a new 2MPC tower on the Version 19.x series, specifically on Version 19.2.
  • The Summon Phoenix ability sound is identical to the one in Bloons TD 5 Flash.
  • Compared to BTD6, the non-crosspathed Summon Phoenix's Medium cumulative prices sum up $575 more than its BTD5 non-crosspathed Summon Phoenix counterpart.