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Artwork of the Sub Construction Yard

Sub Construction Yard(or Monkey Sub Bay) is a Specialty Building for the Monkey Sub. It costs Monkey Dollar600 to purchase it and it increases the cost of Ninja Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%. Before it can be purchased, 250,000 Bloons must be popped to unlock this specialty building as the Monkey Sub requires 250,000 pops to unlock. There is number 86 on the building.


  1. Monkey Dollar600 - Reduces tower and upgrade cost by 5%.
  2. Monkey Dollar650(Monkey Dollar600 in BTD5 web) - Increases projectile speed of Monkey Subs by 25%.
  3. Monkey Dollar750(Monkey Dollar1000 in BTD5 web) - Makes Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3.
  4. Monkey Dollar1,300 (BTD5 Mobile only) - Submerged Sub's sonar also shocks Regrowth Bloons into normal bloons.

Tips and Notes[]

  • The third tier upgrade can greatly increase your firepower, especially if used next to a Monkey Village with Monkey Fort or if you are only using Monkey Subs.
  • The fourth tier upgrade is very helpful for rounds where there are large concentrations of Camo-Regen Bloons, which can help your other towers pop them faster.



Unlike other Specialty Buildings exclusive to Mobile, the Sub Construction Yard appears to the left of the non-exclusive buildings when choosing a building instead of on the right