Artwork of the Sub Construction Yard

Sub Construction Yard(or Monkey Sub Bay) is a Specialty Building for the Monkey Sub. It costs Monkey Dollar600 to purchase it and it increases the cost of Ninja Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%. Before it can be purchased, 250,000 Bloons must be popped to unlock this specialty building as the Monkey Sub requires 250,000 pops to unlock.


  1. Monkey Dollar600 - Reduces tower and upgrade cost by 5%.
  2. Monkey Dollar650(Monkey Dollar600 in BTD5 web) - Increases projectile speed of Monkey Subs by 25%.
  3. Monkey Dollar750(Monkey Dollar1000 in BTD5 web) - Makes Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3.
  4. Monkey Dollar1,300 (BTD5 Mobile only) - Submerged Sub's sonar also shocks Regrowth Bloons into normal bloons.

Tips and NotesEdit

  • The third tier upgrade can greatly increase your firepower, especially if used next to a Monkey Village with Monkey Fort or if you are only using Monkey Subs.
  • The fourth tier upgrade is very helpful for rounds where there are large concentrations of Camo-Regen Bloons, which can help your other towers pop them faster.


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