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Various types of Sub-Towers on screen

Sub-Towers are towers that are deployed from the standard Towers and Heroes. They were first introduced in Bloons TD 5 with the introduction of the Planes from the Aircraft Carrier. Many sub-towers can be tapped/click to reveal a menu with their own Pop Count, Sell Button, and Range, like with the Sentries and Marine. However, this is not always the case as demonstrated by the Mini-Comanches and Phoenix. Most sub-towers only last for a limited time and will automatically disappear after some time. Note that Road Items such as Spikes and Pineapples are not considered Sub-Towers, but rather projectiles.

An important part of Sub-Towers is that they can inherit range-based tower buffs from their parent but cannot inherit Alch buffs or Overclock buffs. An exception is made for Etienne drones, which can be affected by Overclock buffs but not Alchemist buffs. Overclock can be targeted onto interactable sub-towers but will generally be wasteful due to the limited time duration of sub-towers.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, sub-towers make appearance, but are mostly spawned from Warrior Bubblegum (Candy Archers, Gumball Guards, Candy Copters, and Gumball Guardian), Commander Cassie (M.A.F., Sidewinder Strike), Marceline (Skeleton archers), and Ice King (Snow monsters). Select weapons and trinkets may allow characters to summon additional sub-towers. Select allies (Moe, Party God) may summon additional units.

Image Name Parent Clickable
Aircraft Carrier Plane.png Aircraft Carrier Plane Aircraft Carrier BadMaimMoabParticle.png
Carrier Flagship Plane.png Carrier Flagship Plane Carrier Flagship BadMaimMoabParticle.png
NavarchPlane.png Navarch Plane Navarch of the Seas BadMaimMoabParticle.png
MarinePortrait.png Marine Special Poperations TickGreenIcon.png
ComancheDefenseUpgradeIcon.png Mini-Comanche Comanche Defense BadMaimMoabParticle.png
Comanche Commander.png Mini-Comanche Comanche Commander BadMaimMoabParticle.png
Phoenix.gif Phoenix Summon Phoenix BadMaimMoabParticle.png
LavaPhoenix.gif Lava Phoenix Wizard Lord Phoenix BadMaimMoabParticle.png
300-SuperMonkey.png Mini Sun Avatar Sun Temple and True Sun God TickGreenIcon.png
555-SunAvatarTurret.png Mini Vengeful Sun Avatar Vengeful True Sun God TickGreenIcon.png
Golden Spectre.png Golden Spectre Sun Temple and True Sun God BadMaimMoabParticle.png
Vengeful Spectre.png Vengeful Spectre Vengeful True Sun God BadMaimMoabParticle.png
SentryPortrait.png Sentry Sentry Gun TickGreenIcon.png
SentryCrushingPortrait.png Crushing Sentry Sentry Expert TickGreenIcon.png
SentryBoomPortrait.png Boom Sentry Sentry Expert TickGreenIcon.png
SentryColdPortrait.png Cold Sentry Sentry Expert TickGreenIcon.png
SentryEnergyPortrait.png Energy Sentry Sentry Expert TickGreenIcon.png
SentryParagonPortrait.png Champion Sentry Sentry Champion TickGreenIcon.png
NatureTotem.png Nature Ward's Totem Obyn Greenfoot TickGreenIcon.png
EziliTotem.png Sacrificial Totem Ezili TickGreenIcon.png
File.png Ball of Light Adora BadMaimMoabParticle.png
UCAV.png UCAV Etienne (pre-Level 20) BadMaimMoabParticle.png
Level20 UCAV.png Perma UCAV Etienne (Level 20) BadMaimMoabParticle.png
ShootyTurretPortrait.png Shooty Turret Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
ShootyTurretPlus.png Shooty Turret (Level 13+) Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
CreepyIdol.png Creepy Idol Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
RareQuincyActionFigure.png Rare Quincy Action Figure Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
BottleHotSauce.png Bottle of 'Gerry's Fire' Hot Sauce Tower Sauce is Applied To BadMaimMoabParticle.png
BottleHotSaucePlus.png Bottle of 'Gerry's Fire' Hot Sauce (Level 16+) Tower Sauce is Applied To BadMaimMoabParticle.png
PetRabbit.png Pet Rabbit Geraldo BadMaimMoabParticle.png
GenieBottlePortrait.png Genie Bottle Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
GenieBottleV2Portrait.png Genie Bottle (Level 18+) Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png
ParagonPowerTotem.png Paragon Power Totem Geraldo TickGreenIcon.png

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