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Stunning bloons with Bloon Impact

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Stunning a MOAB with Maim MOAB

Stun is a status effect characterized as reducing bloon's speed to 0% for a specific amount of time. It is part of the attack interactions family. It was introduced in Bloons TD 5 with the introduction of various upgrades, including the BTD5 Flash Bomb, BTD5 Bloon Impact, BTD5 Artillery Battery, and the BTD5 Cripple MOAB (changed in BTD6 as Maim MOAB).

Stun is represented on the Bloons Wiki as Stun (standard bloons, unspecified alt effect variant), the upgrade icon for Shell Shock in Bloons TD 6, as this is the cheapest form of Stun Bloons that has the unique property of such. The specific variant applying to MOAB-class is Stun MOAB Stun (MOAB-class Bloons, unspecified alt effect variant), the upgrade icon for Maim MOAB, as it clearly identifies a stunned MOAB. Most attacks capable of stunning can only stun normal bloons, but a few such as Maim MOAB can only stun MOAB-class. Some stunning attacks can stun both types; if an attack can stun both then both damage types are tagged to such attack.

Bloon Impact is a notable example of Stun Bloons. Pat Level 6+ is another example of stunning Bloons.

It is different from Freeze Freeze (standard bloons, unspecified alt variants) as it is normally from a Cold Cold Type (pops Black, Purple) attack and due to the fact that Frozen Bloons prevent Sharp Sharp Type (pops Black, White, Purple) attacks from damaging them but stunned bloons can be popped from all types of attacks. It is different from Slowdown Slowdown (unspecified slowdown variant) as bloons affected with Slowdown move less then 100% their normal speed but more than 0% their normal speed. Stun is an important status effect that improves damage from towers that inflict Extra Damage to Stunned Extra damage to bloons affected by the "stunned" status effect (unspecified damage), an example being Heavy Shells. While Super Glue effectively acts as a stun, it is not a true Stun Stun (standard bloons, unspecified alt effect variant) because it doesn't make upgrades like Heavy Shells deal extra damage, and rather is just Slowdown Stuck Slowdown (100% slowdown, unspecified slowdown variant).

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