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Just because a thing can be done, does not mean that it should be done.
~ Achievement description

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Stubborn Strategy achievement done

Stubborn Strategy is a hidden achievement added in Bloons TD 6 in version 22.0. It requires the player to beat 100 games on maps with removable obstacles without removing the obstacles. The map or mode for the game doesn't matter. It awards BloonjaminsIcon500 and 3 Cash Drops.


This achievement is more grindy than skill-based, as it can be completed in low difficulty maps where obstacles are of low impact.

But if really desperate, try grinding The Cabin on Deflation Mode with a 0-2-5 Dart. Alternatively, Skates on Deflation Mode with Gwendolin + 3-2-0 Destroyers + 4-0-2 Bloontonium Reactor also works.

Some maps with removable obstacles that can be beaten without removing them are the beginner map Skates and the intermediate maps Encrypted, Bazaar, KartsNDarts, Haunted, Downstream, Firing Range, Cracked, Streambed, Rake, and Spice Islands. The intermediate map Chutes is not recommended for this due to it being difficult to beat without removing obstacles. Advanced maps and Expert maps that have obstacles are not recommended either (with exceptions such as Spillway, Cargo, Another Brick and Dark Castle), as they are also hard to beat without removing any obstacles. Beginner maps other than Skates and The Cabin, as well as the intermediate maps Adora's Temple, Balance, Spring Spring, and Moon Landing, do not have removable obstacles and therefore do not work for this achievement.

The player can also grind out Advanced Challenges that feature maps containing obstacles, particularly ones that do not need obstacle removal for completion, or that disable their removal altogether.

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  • The achievement description is a reference to the idiom "Just because you can doesn't mean you should", linking back to the idea that a person shouldn't necessarily do an action even if it is possible to perform it.