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Jumps into the fray, firing homing rockets as he goes
~ Short description
Jones Pop

Striker Jones

Striker Jones is a Hero that appears in Bloons Pop!. Once tossed into the screen, he fires up to 11 concussive shells before disappearing. Those shells deal 2 damage each and stun bloons, and deals 6 extra damage to bloons popped on impact point, meaning that he can instakill any bloon up to Rainbow, dealing 8 damage per shell, while stunning other bloons further out. He is effective against Leads, Regrows, Ceramics, MOABs, and Shielded, but can also target and affect Camo Bloons regardless of bloon visibility. However, his explosive attacks cannot pop Blacks or Zebras. He can also deal 5 damage to bloons he collides with, with his Contact Damage able to pop Blacks and Zebras. Striker Jones is unlocked at Level 20.


Striker Jones can be used to hit groups of bloons from any distance, although he will usually target his shells at the bloons that were either closest to his direction prior to bouncing or the strongest bloons in the closest column at the time of deployment. For stunning and popping groups of bloons, he is quite effective in that field. He is like a multi-shot Mortar Monkey with no custom aim but much more explosions. He works best if he can be left in the air for as long as possible in order to deploy more shells during his lifespan.

Compared to other heroes, Striker Jones has a large amount of RNG - where he will aim his shells. However, proper targeting will allow him to hit the right bloons as desired. He is mostly a supporting hero, rather than a DPS hero.


  • Striker Jones can attack anywhere, but try aim him in such a way that allows him to stay in the air as long as possible. The longer he stays on the air without hitting bloons, the longer he can deploy shells.
  • Letting him bounce between Rubber Obstacles and bloons can increase his lifespan time. Can also be aided with Low Gravity Hazard.



  • Striker Jones can detect camo by default, unlike his BTD6 counterpart.
  • Before Version 1.2, Striker Jones was unable to count for pops.