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Sun Avatar can pop Purple Bloons.
~ In-game description

Strike Down The False is an upgrade in the Magic Monkey Knowledge tree. It allows Sun Avatars to pop Purple Bloons. It requires four magic knowledge points invested and Heavy Knockback.



Giving Sun Avatar with Purple Bloon popping power will allow it to be more reliable in the mid-game and also be useful versus Round 95 while still possessing effective grouped damage. Therefore, it will not need to have much support to counter Purples.


  • Defenses that rely on a Sun Avatar as the main DPS will strongly benefit from this MK, especially for 3-0-2 Sun Avatars. In this way, a 3-0-2 Sun Avatar will have no bloon weaknesses, and will not require a Village to pop different bloon types. Therefore more money can be invested to purely Monkey Commerce Villages.
  • Because Sun Avatars possess quite high DPS, having this MK would be handy for the mid-game when doing meta Obyn strategies on most non-Expert Maps, with exception of Dark Castle where this strategy is still viable.



  • "The False" in "Strike Down the False" bears resemblance to the false prophet. Revalation Chapter 19 of the Holy Bible features mention about striking down the false prophet.